NRM Supporters Petition Museveni on 2016 Cash Pledge

A section of National Resistance Movement Party leaders in Omoro and Gulu districts has petitioned the Office of the President calling for fulfilment of his 2016 pledge to them.

President Museveni during his 2016 Campaign in Omoro  pledged to give each NRM Sub-County Chairman in the district 10 million shillings as start -up capital, one pair of oxen and an ox-plough each.

About 16 NRM Sub-county leaders from Gulu and Omoro districts are now demanding that President Museveni fulfils this pledge.

Ms. Christine Olok, the General Secretary of the disgruntled NRM Leaders told Journalists that the President through his then Principal Private Secretary wrote a letter which was copied to Hon. William Nokrach, the Member of Parliament for people with disability.

‘’We met with MP Nokrach William on the 6th of October 2019 and he showed us the letter written by the Principal private secretary to the President authorizing the fulfilment of the pledge.’’ Said Ms. Olok.

‘’MP Nokrach refused to give us the copy of the letter and other NRM leaders have not been helpful and they have been tossing us around without any clear answer on the Presidential pledge.”

The NRM leaders also fault some of their top leaders for not following up Presidential pledges promptly.

The Leaders in their address stated clearly that they don’t have a problem with the President, but they faulted people who work around him for frustrating their effort in meeting the President and expressing their grievances over the unfulfilled pledges


Mr. Geoffrey Okot, chairman of the disgruntled NRM Sub-County Chairpersons added that if their grievance is not addressed in 2 weeks’ time, they will be left with no option but to lose confidence in all the NRM Acholi sub-regional leaders and brand them as enemy of the Persons of the President.

Ms. Gift Aber, one of the Members said they are ready to be put in quarantine for two weeks so that they can go and meet the President and express their grievances over their unfulfilled pledge.

However, Mr. William Nokrach in response accused the group of being impatient.

‘’I have been following the Presidential pledges for these people but they are very impatient with. They want the copy of the letter, but I cannot give it to them administratively because I have not been authorized to do so.’’ Mr. Nokrach said

Hon. Nokrach added that he has been following up the money but without success and on many occasions, he has been told to wait.

‘’As members of the ruling Party, it is unwise for them to behave in that way. I urge them to be a little patient because the President is very generous person who will full-fill all his pledges.’’ He added

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