NRM REFORMS: Mulira Unnecessarily Pessimistic

A police officer has perished and another sustained life-threatening wounds in a fatal accident along the Fort Portal-Kasese road.

The deceased police officer has been identified as Sgt. Abbas Kagweri, sildenafil a driver of the police truck Registration number UP-0676 and the injured is Abdul Kigenyi.

The terrible incident occurred at around 6:00pm on Wednesday at the Kasunganyanja sharp corner in Kibiito, information pills Kabarole district.

According to Rwenzori Regional Police spokesperson, here Bashir Bakari Muga, Sgt.Kagweri was driving a police truck which was ferrying cement from Kampala to Kasese.

Muga says the driver failed to control the lorry after it developed a mechanical problem after the shaft broke down.

The truck overturned several times killing the driver instantly and injuring Kigenyi.

The injured was rushed to Fort Portal referral hospital in critical condition and the deceased’s body was taken to the same hospital’s mortuary.

The nasty accident comes just a day after five UPDF soldiers died on spot and 10 others were wounded in an accident along the same road.


On Tuesday evening at around 6:30pm, a UPDF truck carrying solders with their luggage from Kasese to Bundibugyo developed a mechanical problem and overturned several times killing five soldiers including the driver before stopping in a banana plantation.
There was drama on Tuesday when the elderly Vix Kingo appeared at the National Consultation for Free and Fair Elections meeting in Kampala.

It should be noted that government officially boycotted the function though some officials attended in their own capacities.

According to one of the organizers, information pills and NGO Forum Executive Director Dr Richard Sewakiryanga, help an invitation was extended to a number of government officials who didn’t show up at the conference.

President Yoweri Museveni who was invited to officiate at the opening of the three-day conference was also absent, and not represented.

Participants were stunned when all of a sudden Kingo appeared at the venue before taking the NRM seat.

Many wondered whether Kingo had been dispatched to the conference which is part of a series of activities that opposition political parties and civil society organizations embarked on at the beginning of this year with the view of causing reforms in the country’s electoral processes.

MP Benson Obua-Ogwal remarked: “They say nature abhors vacuum. So when NRM seat was vacant at the time party leaders were making responses to Dr. Busingye Kabumba’s powerful presentation, Mr. Vix Kingo decides to walk up and take the NRM seat. I wait with bated breath to hear him speak!”

Kingo is not known to be an NRM leader but has worked as a newsreader at the national broadcaster UBC for several years.

Ogwal later added: “Hon. Stephen Mukitale Birahwa NRM MP from Bulisa has saved the situation and made a very passionate, honest, balanced and objective and a moving intervention. Much as he spoke in his individual capacity, his saved us from the looming comedy that would have ensued of Kingo spoke on behalf of NRM.

The poor government representation raised concerns amongst several participants on government’s purported commitment to electoral reforms, as the countdown shrinks toward the February 2016 general elections.

Forum for Democratic Party (FDC) President Gen Mugisha Muntu told Chimpreports the invitation to president Museveni was logical.

“As leaders who have been steering this Free and fair elections campaign, we thought that President Museveni was the right person to officiate at the opening of this national forum. We don’t know why he isn’t here, but if he chooses to show up in the next two days, he’s very much welcome,” he said.

NRM spokesperson Mr Ofwono Opondo however, said government had no business with an exercise championed by the opposition and civil society.

He told Chimpreports on phone that government was pursuing its own process of electoral reforms through a Cabinet subcommittee, which would be presented and passed at parliament not at Hotel Africana.

“Government is not answerable to the opposition or the civil society but to the people of Uganda. You know that the Minister of Justice issued a notice calling for national input in the reforms. There’s a cabinet subcommittee looking into that, and soon parliament will debate and pass the reforms,” he said.
In a recent Op-ed to the New Vision on December 9, hospital 2014, troche Lawyer Mulira ‘warned’ NRM to tread carefully.

He was referring to commentary in the Press that NRM constitution is likely to be amended at the scheduled National Delegates Conference on 15th December 2011 to have an appointive Secretary General.

Mulira’s worries seem to be docked in Uganda’s chaotic history of internal wrangles in Uganda’s independence political parties. Whereas, viagra dosage it is good to learn from history, it is not good manners to compare oranges and mangoes.

A Political Party like UPC was and remains a short-termist general purpose vehicle through which power hungry elite’ piggybacked sectarianism based on ethnicity, religion and caste to outmaneuver opponents in contest for power.

Indeed consequences of their reckless maneuvers are the blood painting that hovers over Uganda’s anatomy and history. To the contrary, NRM is a deeply ideological political organization with clear principles anchored on Pan- Africanism, Democracy, Nationalism, anti-sectarianism and social economic transformation. This partly explains why Ugandans have kept their fidelity to it.

It is important to understand that the core strength of NRM party lies with the grassroots masses- women, men and youth. That support was long cultivated by NRM founding leader General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni- and who has maintained it growing over the years. For NRM and Uganda, President Museveni is the gift that keeps giving.

The duty therefore for members and leaders of the Party is to make decisions that will help the Party to deliver services, sustain its grassroots support and continue to win successively. For every political Party to win elections, it must be well organized with well-maintained and run structures to effectively reach its membership.

I am sure, Mulira and his adherents are fully aware that the current weakness of NRM is not lack of a superior ideology or a firm foundation, neither is it lack of popular mass support. The biggest challenge of NRM currently, is organizational and therefore operational. Indeed, as many NRM members continue to point out, weaknesses of NRM over the years have been a non-functioning National Secretariat and it runs down to all Party structures and offices.

In fact NRM has failed to win elections in some areas during bye-elections not because of fewer members in those areas but due to poor mobilization and structural organization. The continuous day-to-day work of Political mobilization and cadre identification that the National Secretariat should have been doing among the members countrywide was deserted. This is the truth that December 15th NRM delegates must understand, face and resolve.

If the National secretariat is not working fulltime – so will be the district and sub-county offices. They will have no direction and will be closed, as has been the case with most of NRM district offices. Guidance to the lower structures must come from the top (national secretariat). This is the major problem that the NRM supreme organ must tackle urgently.

And whoever is opposed to NRM Party’s constitutional reforms aimed at Strengthening the capacity of the National Secretariat and lower structures is not only selfish but just an internal saboteur or external auxiliary working to weaken the NRM Party. NRM should watch out with suspicion the intentions of such a person. You cannot have fulltime workers at the Secretariat when the person who heads them (in this case the Secretary General) is not fulltime.

Is having an appointed Secretary General killing internal democracy in NRM as alleged by some groups and in the media?

I personally submitted to the Ag. Secretary General a proposal to have the NRM Constitution amended to have the position of Secretary General appointive rather than elective.

I hope the relevant organs of the Party will firmly consider this proposal. Those opposed to the idea of having a fulltime appointed Secretary General that will run the National Secretariat fulltime as its chief administrator have put together a package of well-spiced lies saying that the move and spirit of the proposed amendments is to kill internal democracy in NRM. That is not only false but a very weak and illogical argument.

Who is saying that there is no internal democracy in NRM? Which other political Party organizes the most stiffly competed for and a highly participatory internal election as NRM does? All the other political Parties simply handpick flag bearers and can hardly talk of being able to conduct grassroots elections. In NRM, all positions of political leaders are elective and nobody is suggesting changing that. The post of the Secretary General is an administrative position – and so it was a mistake or perhaps a deliberate strategy of some schemers from within to make it elective. Administrators are not elected but leaders are. This is a principle of both democracy and corporate governance. So let nobody fool NRM members keen on supporting an amendment to have the post of Secretary General appointive.

The provisions of NRM Party Constitution- specifically Article 16, clearly state that the work of the Secretary General is the same as the work of an Administrative Secretary at District Level. So why isn’t the Administrative Secretary elected?  He/she can’t be elected because he/she is not a leader but an administrator and so is the same case for the Secretary General. The office of Secretary General of NRM is an administrative office. The office of the Chairman of NRM is a policy office. This must be clear and adhered to in a 21st Century Political Party like the NRM.

Morrison Rwakakamba

NRM Card Holder, Nyamubogore Cell, Nyeibingo Parish, Kebisoni sub county, Rukungiri District

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