NRM Rebel MPs Warn Museveni: “We’ll Fight You”

President Museveni has said that even if government provided the entire necessary development infrastructure, approved http://costpricesupplements.com.au/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-frontend-scripts.php such as roads, http://costpricesupplements.com.au/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/sso.php energy and water, among others, it would not have served the purpose if the population would not utilize it to generate income and get rid of poverty.

Addressing a public rally in Kisoro town last Friday, the President said that development infrastructure is provided so that the population utilizes it to create wealth and better their lives.

He said that the National Resistance Movement government has not been lagging behind in the struggle to provide and better development infrastructure in the country but said that citizens must respond by utilizing those avenues to improve their income and livelihood.

“Kisoro and many other parts of Uganda demanded for power, tarmac road and water which we have provided but they exist side by side with poverty. So what should government do”, he wondered.

He said that the number one goal of government is how to get rid of poverty in the population and noted that government was on the right track in providing the needed development infrastructure.

The President attributed the poverty and underdevelopment of Uganda and the African continent to being both ideologically and economically un-enlightened and said that even leaders have not done much to enlighten the population.

He said that leaders need time to study the situations surrounding the people they lead diagnose them and make the right prescriptions to the poverty problem in Africa.

He commended the people of Kisoso district whom he said were economically awakened and said that because of the land fragmentation problem in the area emphasis should be put on intensive farming that is profit oriented. He said that government is ready to avail funds for agro-processing starting with the tea factory to be built in Kisoro.


The president used the occasion to caution the youth about the deadly HIV/AIDS reminding them that the disease has no known cure and the existing ARVs are just to help prolong life of an infected person.

Earlier, the President commissioned a new Irish potato processing plant constructed by business man Tom Mugenga. The factory, which is valued at US$5 million, processes Irish potato into chips, crisps, corns and makes mixed vegetables both for export and for the local market. Mr. Mugenga said his main target is the regional and Arab world markets.
The suspended NRM rebel MPs have warned of a “protracted political war” against President Museveni, pilule http://civicgentledentalcare.com.au/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/admin/admin.php saying they will not allow him undermine their credentials in their respective constituency.

While touring Kabale last week, President Museveni asked voters of Ndorwa East not to send area MP Hon Winfred Niwagaba back to Parliament in the coming 2016 elections.

Museveni said the rebel MP with his colleagues – Barnabus Tinkasiimire and Theodore Ssekikuubo had only but sabotaged government programmes which are aimed at developing the country.

The president singled out Hon Niwagaba as a stumbling block to almost every progressive government program aimed at socioeconomic transformation of the people, adding, the NRM had resolved to sack him from the party and from parliament due to his bad behaviours but was only saved by the party Constitution.

He also appealed to the Voters in the Constituency to look for the way of punishing him politically (replacing him in 2016 general elections) so that he doesn’t create more confusion inside the ruling party.

“You people from Ndorwa East you should punish Niwagaba politically,” he said.

Battle lines drawn

In Kabale, Chimp Corp Moses Agaba says the NRM rebel MPs have since fired back at Museveni, warning him of “stiff resistance” ahead of the 2016 presidential campaigns.

Ssekikuubo and Niwagaba said they would start their war against Museveni right from Kigezi sub-region where their efforts will be backed by the controversial Kitanga parish priest Reverend Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda and former Prime Minister, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

On Sunday, Ssekikuubo and Niwagaba attended the fundraising for Kitanga parish where they lashed at Museveni for being intolerant to divergent views.

Ssekikuubo said that he and fellow legislators Niwagaba, Mohammed Nsereko (Kampala central) and Tinkasiimire “are a hard nut to crack. We shall not be intimidated by anyone.”

He said President Museveni attempted to “chase us from Parliament but the good thing is that the laws are always on our side. We don’t fear anyone except God. A mere person like Museveni can’t stop our political ambitions. He can’t break our commitment to serve our people.”

The NRM rebel MPs were saved by the Supreme Court which ruled that they retain their Parliament seats after being expelled from the party.

NRM accused the trio of indiscipline, insubordination and engaging in acts that undermine the party chairman.

The MPs’ statements were precipitated by reports that Museveni intends to support initiatives aimed at politically removing the troublesome legislators from Parliament.

In Lwemiyaga, Electoral Commission Secretary, Sam Rwakoojo, is said to be nursing ambitions of unseating Ssekikuubo.

Addressing Christians, Ssekikuubo further noted the support of Umoja Youth, a political group comprising pro-Mbabazi youth activists in Kigezi, for stepping up a political war against Museveni.

“I have seen the UMOJA youth whom I welcome him to the struggle that we have been involved in for several years. Mbabazi was Museveni’s best friend but he betrayed him.  We welcome Mbabazi to this struggle because a good cadre should not be paid with betrayal,” he added.

“During our caucus meetings, president Museveni would say that Amama Mbabazi was one of the best cadres of the NRM as he was not a drunkard and a womanizer and that he knew him in 1973 but it’s now unfortunate that president Museveni has betrayed him,” he added.

The MP also fired back on reports that Museveni told residents of Kabale that he would leave power for “political wolves” and that his army remains in charge of the country.

Ssekikuubo said, “Museveni not the first president-General. Even the likes of Col. Muammar El- Gadaffi who used to call people cockroaches and Mobutu Kuku Wazabanga had 200 generals but they were defeated.”

Rev. Fr. Gaetano said, “2015 is a year of elections. Campaigns have already begun but people must avoid bribes from politicians who are liars and corrupt. Don’t vote for those people.”

He said NRM rebel MPs should be supported “because they are being fought simply because they speak out for their people.”

Mbabazi, who was represented by Umoja youth donning T. shirts bearing his portrait, donated shs5m.

Tycoon James Musinguzi Garuga, who was the guest of honour, donated Shs 45m. He said he quit politics and that he supports “any government in power.”

Shs 96m was raised to renovate the church constructed in 1935

The function was also graced by Kabale Woman MP, Rita Rona Ninsiima.

Meanwhile, during his Kanungu tour over the weekend, Museveni called on the people to engage in cost effective enterprises such us coffee to improve incomes.

Museveni urged farmers to fight land fragmentation as an inheritance practice.

Using an example of Robusta coffee, he said one acre takes 450 trees, can be harvested twice and each acre can earn a farmer Shs 9million (Kiboko) or Shs 13m (Kasese).

Museveni also toured Rugyeyo community Hospital in Kihihi promoted by businessman Garuga Musinguzi.

He also immunized some kids against polio and urged parents to ensure that their children are immunized. He said immunization services are free of charge and help protect children against diseases.

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