NRM Pulls Out of Mawogola North MP Race

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has announced that it will not be fronting any candidate in the parliamentary race for Mawogola North in Sembabule District.

This follows failure by the party leadership to conclusively resolve the standoff between its two members Shartsi Musherure and Godfrey Aine Kaguta (Sodo), in time for either one to be nominated for the main race this year.

The party held its primary election in the constituency on September 30th, which was won by Mr Sodo.

Owing to the violence and alleged irregularities in the process however, the election result couldn’t be upheld and was as such referred to the NRM’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) by the party’s elections tribunal.

According to the NRM Secretary General Mrs Justine Kasule Lumumba, the tribunal failed to resolve and pronounce itself on the election due to “time constraints.”

However, given the that the Electrical Commission had scheduled yesterday and today for nominations of MP candidates, Lumumba says the NRM CEC could not be convened in time to resolve the Mawogola matter.

“In the circumstances that CEC cannot convene in the few hours left to the close of the nomination time table, I have therefore taken the considered decision that the NRM will not endorse any candidate to contest and carry its flag for the position of MP Mawogola North,” Lumumba declared.

The decision now implies that Mr Sodo and Shartsi could face each other again in the main election next year.


Buy publication of this story, there was no confirmation yet on whether the two had been successfully nominated by the Electoral Commission.



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