NRM Primaries: Wanyoto Takes Lead in Mbale Provisional Results

The National Resistance Movement Electoral Commission has finally started releasing the results of the long awaited race of Woman MP flag bearer of Mbale City.

The declaration of the results was forwaded to the commission on September 5, after the Mbale NRM district registrar, RDC Oggajo Barasa and the four candidates agreed that this was the only solution to impasse and possible violence.
The race had four candidates; Lydia Wanyoto who is the Chairperson of NRM National Women’s League, the incumbent, Connie Nakayenze Galiwango, business lady Namasaba Jalia and Shadia Luwungule.
The main competition was between Galiwango and Wanyoto.
Provisional results that were released by John Arimpa, the Deputy Chairperson of the party Electoral Commission indicates that Wanyoto was leading in the 133 villages that were counted, out of the total 389 villages.
According to the results, Wanyoto scored 28,601 votes, followed by Galiwango with 18,872 votes, Namasaba with 2,824 votes and lastly Luwungule with 1,462 votes.
Arimpa told journalists at the NRM Secretariat that other results were still being counted.
Galiwango this week questioned the credibility of the Commission and vowed to stand as an independent, if she is not declared the winner of the polls.
“I got my victory but you are trying to steal it in a hook or crook way. I want to assure you that I have the power of the people with me. You have money but you won’t defeat people’s will,” she said.
“They will understand the difference between a person who is loved by the people and the so called ‘sent’,” she added.
The polls were marred by violence, bribery, chaos and altering of results.
Wanyoto earlier on told journalists that she was assured of victory.
“According to the results from Mutoto and Bungokho Sub Counties, I am assured of victory but even if I don’t go through, I wont contest as an Independenct,” she said
In 2015, Wanyoto lost in the sam race to  Galiwango 71,370 to 48,390 votes.
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