NRM Primaries: Police Disperse Protesters in Ntungamo

Police have this Wednesday dispersed a group of 30 riotous boda boda cyclists in Ntungamo district, Western Uganda.

The protesters were reportedly mobilized by Rushenyi MP aspirant Naome Kabasharira’s agents to show dissatisfaction over the recently-declared preliminary results from the NRM primaries.

“We have beefed up security in Ntungamo. The small group which tried to create chaos ran away on the sight of our patrol cars,” Ntungamo DPC Damian Katwesime told local media.

“It is not true that Ntungamo has been cut off as reported by some people on social media. Some protesters tried to disrupt traffic flow for a few minutes. But traffic is flowing without hinderance and business remains normal,” he added.

“I want to appeal for calm. Politics should not divide us.”

The protesters carried placards demanding President Museveni’s intervention in the NRM primaries controversy. 

However, Rukutana’s supporters said Kabasharira’s fans should not resort to violence but patiently wait for the official final results to be declared later this week.

 I Moses Mwijukye, 25, a resident of Ntungamo Town, said the boda boda operators who were involved in today’s protest met with Kabasharira’s agents this morning before the protest.

Police are investigating the incident to apprehend the masterminds of the chaos and their motive.

Rushenyi remains a hotspot as Kabasharira’s wing works around the clock to prevent Rukutana’s return to Parliament.

Results from the vote recount indicate that Labor State Minister, Mwesigwa Rukutana is leading the race with 20 votes against Kabasharira.

The NRM party Electoral Commission Chairman, Dr. Tanga Odoi on Tuesday met the team of Rukutana and that of Naome Kabasharira at Plot 13, Kyadondo road to resolve on the controversy surrounding the earlier result.

The Ntungamo district NRM election officer Miremebe Maria on September 5, 2020 declared Kabasharira the winner with 24,006 votes against Rukutana’s 23,966 votes.

The declaration form was however not signed by Rukutana’s agent, who out rightly disagreed with the results.

Rukutana’s team petitioned the NRM EC with what they called overwhelming evidence to overturn the results.

They said in the petition that in Katabega village, Rubaare sub-county, Rukutana got 174 votes against Naome Kasharira’s 102 votes but the latter was only given 17 in the tally.

NRM EC officials are however still waiting for the result of Nyakahita cell where fighting started before the declaration of the result.

In Nyakahita, Rukutana got 172 votes while Kasharira polled 140.

The registrar reportedly took off before declaring the results as supporters of the two leading candidates flexed muscles.

Tanga is expected to hear from the registrar on Thursday before making final declaration on the winner of Rushenyi NRM MP Primaries.

The Rushenyi poll was characterized by violence leading to the arrest and charging of Rukutana with attempted murder.

Other candidates in the same race were Bob Karabayi, who garnered 2,266 votes, Niwahereza Nicholas (1,202) and Norman Kashereka 346 votes.

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