NRM Primaries: Mbale Holds Peaceful LCV Polls as RDC Blames Past violence on Weak EC Policies

Chaotic Mbale City and other districts in the Bugisu sub-region on Friday this week witnessed peaceful National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries for the district bosses.

In Mbale, the incumbent, Bernard El-Mujasi abandoned the race and opted to represent the people of Bungokho South in Parliament on the same ticket after he lost with only 17 votes.

According to the results announced by the Mbale NRM district registrar, Masika Watenyi won the race with 24,946 votes, followed by Joram Khambison Mayatsa who got 23,062 votes.

Robert Makhonje was the second runner up with 20,423 and lastly Samson Wamimbi who tailed with 14,619 votes.

Unlike in the recent Constituency and Woman Members of Parliament elections, the district officials’ polls were relatively peaceful.

Al-hajji Suleiman Barrasa Ogajjo, the Mbale District Resident Commissioner blamed the NRM Electoral Commission led by Bonny Wamunga for the violence witnessed in the previous polls.

“What I can say is that the Commission was too weak and corrupt, that is why you saw all this violence,” Ogajjo told reporters at his offices yesterday.

In Sironko district, the incumbent district boss, Herbert Mulekwa was uprooted by the youthful Alex Nabende.


Nabende scooped 56,919 votes beating his counterpart with a range of 29000 votes. Mulekwa got 27,397 votes.

Low voter turn up

There was low voter turn-up in different places like Bukyabo Sub County and Budadiri Town Council according to media reports.

Locals argued that they abandoned the polls because of the vote rigging and unfair elections, vices practiced by the election officials in the recently concluded polls of Constituencies and Women Members of Parliament

In Manafwa district, the polls were marred with violence in two sub counties of Buta and Bunyinza.

The preliminary results indicated that Kosea Kimono Kigai (KKK) was leading with 43,510 votes, followed by Harriet Nandutu who got 19,348. Other candidates; Stephen Wakama was having 5,942 while John Natifu was still the last with 1,631 votes.

Annet Nandudu was declared the winner of the Bulambuli district LCV post after defeating her competitor Peter Wonanzofu with a range of over 25,000 votes. Nandudu scored 49,465 votes while Wobanzofu got 24,833.

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