NRM Primaries: Mbale District Boss Suffers Humiliation with 17 Votes in Bungokho South Constituency

The Mbale District Chairperson Bernard Mujasi was among the Bugisu Sub region NRM bigwigs who suffered humiliation after registering a loss in the recently concluded NRM primaries.

The race was won by Robert Wandwasi, who scooped 13,016 votes, followed by Geofrey Worukuri who got 9,489 votes and Mujasi came last with 17 votes.

“I join you all my people of Bungokho South to congratulate you for this great achievement of entrusting me as your NRM flag bearer MP come 2021. You did a great job to see us through and I promise that we shall raise the flag higher in 2021,” Wandwasi said upon being declared the winner by the Bungokho South NRM Registrar.

Mujasi, who has ruled Mbale for more than 20 years as their LC5 Chairperson, had opted to contest as the Member of Parliament of Bungokho South, something which the voters totally turned down.

The District Boss was not alone in the losing league as another NRM bigwig was also turned down by voters.

The State Minister for Trade and Cooperatives, Hon. Werikhe Kafabusa and the Incumbent MP of Bungokho Central lost the polls to Richard Wanda.

In the race that attracted three candidates, Wanda scored 17,613, followed by Kafabusa who got 7,063 and lastly Andrew Mauso scored 2,644 votes.

In Bungokho North, Abdallah Wambede scored 7,870 votes to beat his three counterparts, including Wooje Godui, the former MP of this area.


Faith Magolo who was the first runners up scored 5,060 votes, followed by Abdallah Naleka with 4,647 votes and Gudoi who scored 3,729 votes.

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