NRM Primaries: List of Winners, Losers in Bugisu Sub Region

Bugisu has been one of the sub-regions that saw the most upsets for incumbents in the just concluded NRM Primaries for MP and district chairperson positions.

Over ten senior Members of Parliament (MPs), District chairpersons and, Mayors lost in the primaries.

Among these was the State Minister for Trade and Cooperatives who has represented Bungokho County South since 1996, Hon Werikhe Kafabusa.

Kafabusa lost to Richard Wanda in the newly created Bungokho Central Constituency in Mbale district. Wanda scored 17,613 votes while Werikhe got 7063 votes.

Nambozo Florence Mayoga, the current Woman MP of Sironko lost to youthful Aisha Nabulo Mafabi in the polls held on 4th September 2020.

Florence Nambozo the Woman MP Sironko District

Nambozo who scored 30,649 was ousted by Aisha Nabulo Mafabi, the daughter of Suleiman Lumolo,  the Chairperson of NRM in Sironko District.

Nambozo rejected the results and announced that she will run as an independent candidate in the 2021 general elections.

“The polls were married with violence, most of my agents were beaten by the security personnel, who were deployed by Lumolo. We intercepted a number of Declaration Forms that had been signed in favour of Lumolo as early as 9:00am. So we reject the polls results,” she said in a statement.


In Bududa, Hon. Watenga Godfrey Nabutanyi of Lusteshe Constituency for the second time lost to Isaac Modoi. Watenga, lost to the same person in 2015.

Isaac Katenya, a secondary school teacher defeated Alex Burundo in Bulambuli Constituency.

Dr. Mary Gorreti Kitutu, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) and the current Woman MP of Manafwa District, in a landslide trounced the Bubulo West Legislator Rose Mutonyi in the Manafwa Woman MP Seat.

Gorreeti scored 46,851 votes while Mutonyi got 18,462.

The former Minister of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) Irene Muloni uprooted the incumbent Woman MP of Bulambuli District Patience Nambozo 60,592 to 5,304 votes.

Former Woman MP Sarah Netalisire Kayagi, bounced back after defeating incumbent Canon Grace Namukhura on the Namisindwa Woman MP NRM flag.

To-date, the Mable City Woman MP has not yet been declared following the violence that marred the polls.

The party electoral commission headed by Dr. Tanga Odoi has not yet officially announced the winner between incumbent Connie Nakayenze Galiwango, Lydia Wanyoto Mutende, Shadia Luwungule and Jalia Namsaba.

District Chairpersons

In the District Bosses, Bugisu Sub region also saw a number of big wigs being uprooted.

In Mbale, the incumbent Bernard El Mujasi abandoned the race and opted for the Bungokho South MP seat, where he was humiliated with 17 votes.

Mujasi’s Vice,  Joram Mayatsa also lost to Watenyeli Masika.

Annet Nandudu aka Moyo Indagano trounced incumbent Wonanzofu Simon Peter in Bulambuli district. Nandudu got 49, 465 votes while Wonanzofu scored 24,833 votes.

The Namusindwa District Boss George William Wopuwa lost to his long-time rival Jackson Wakweika. Wakweika scored 73000 votes while Wopuwa managed 43000 votes.

In Sironko, the incumbent, Herbert Mulekwa lost to Alex Nabende

Full list of Winners of NRM Flag Bearers for MP Seats

Namisindwa Constituency – Apollo Masika

Bubulo East – Mataya Richard

Namisindwa District Woman MP – Sarah Kayagi Netalisire

Sironko Woman MP – Nabulo Aisha Mafabi

Budadiri East Constituency – Woboya Vincent

Budadiri West Constituency – Wambaka Kosea

Manafwa Woman MP – Dr. Goretti Kitutu Kimono

Butiru Constituency – Wakooli Godfrey Matembu

Bubulo West Constituency – Welikhe Christopher.

Elgon Constituency – Mudimi Wamakuyu Inyansio.

Bulambuli Constituency – Katenya Isaac

Bulambuli Woman MP – Eng.Irene Nafuna Muloni

Elgon North Constituency – Gerald Nangoli (unopposed).

Bududa Woman MP – Hon.Khainza Justine

Bushigai Constituency – David Wakikona Wandendeya

Lutsekhe Constituency – Isaac Mudoi

Manjiya Constituency – Mukhobe Moses

Mbale Northern City Division – Seth Wambede

Mbale Industrial City Division – John Wekesa Wambogo

Bungokho Central Constituency – Richard Wanda

Bungokho South Constituency – Wandwasi Robert.

Mbale Woman MP Mbale – Soobi Musuya Annet Florence.


Winners of NRM Flag Bearer for Districts Bosses  Seats

Bududa District- Kamoti Milton Wasunguyi

Manafwa District- Kigayi Hosea Kimono

Namisindwa District- Jackson Wakweika

Bulambuli District – Nandudu Annet Aka Moyo Indagano

Sironko District- Nabende Alex Guga-

Mbale District- Watenyeli Masika

Mbale City (Mayor)- Vicent Magombe

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