NRM Primaries: FDC Fearful that “Witnessed Violence” Might be Exported to General Elections

The Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has today expressed wary that if nothing is done to arrest electoral violence, the forthcoming general elections might descend into bloodshed.

The remarks were directed at the commotion and bribery that characterized the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Parliamentary Primaries that were held on Friday last week.

Addressing the press on Monday September 7, 2020, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, FDC spokesperson intimated that with the witnessed hooliganism, the hope of having peaceful polls is hanging in the balance.

“The main concern of the FDC is that now all these evils will automatically be imported or exported into general elections. Voters will be bribed, the ‘majje’ (army) will be used and opposition candidates will be battered,” Semujju lamented.

However, he blamed President Yoweri Museveni for wrecking a supposedly auspicious process by allowing all and sundry to vote without verifying whether they are Party members or not.

“That made the issue of the fake registers as they were earlier reported even worse. And it was obvious that the scene had been set for chaos,” Semujju stated.

He said that the opposition is waiting to see whether Museveni will reign over some of ‘his lieutenants’ who were allegedly fanning this violence.

“We actually want him to crush Rukutana and others who are using an AK47 in an exercise where people should freely express their will. Where are you Mr. Museveni we want to hear you,” Semujju implored.


However, when he was asked to comment on the participation of opposition members in NRM Primaries, Semujju blatantly retorted that “it was on the invitation of Museveni.”

All said and done, Semujju castigated the Ministry of Health for paying a deaf ear as the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures were being violated.

“NRM politicians addressed rallies, led processions and violated every single measure that was announced to curtail Covid-19. Polling day was like a rural village market. There was no washing of hands, no wearing of masks and no social distancing,” he wrapped it up.

President Museveni response

Nevertheless, President Yoweri Museveni has today vowed to seriously reprimand ‘shallow crooks’ who were behind this mayhem in a missive he posted on his social media handles.

“Those who beat People, like in Bukono, are all in jail or on the run. The Minister Rukutana is in jail and will be prosecuted,” he disclosed.

“They will be fully accountable with robust charges: assault, attempted murder, murder etc. Those who altered results, will go to jail on forgery, fraud, subversion and their forgeries will not stand,” Museveni added.

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