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NRM Poor Youth: Tumukunde was in S. Korea Before Aronda’s Death

Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) is set to start passenger services on a pilot scale between the city centre and Namanve, sale http://cdaink.com.br/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/sal/class.json-api-post-base.php one of Kampala’s busiest routes on Jinja road.

Eng, for sale Charles Kateeba, the Managing Director of URC announced on Tuesday that the trains would hit that route starting Monday, December 7, 2015.

(L-R) kcca Legal Director Charles Ouma and Uganda Railways Corporation MD, Charles Kateeba during a press Conference on Tuesday
(L-R) KCCA Legal Director Charles Ouma and Uganda Railways Corporation MD, Charles Kateeba during a press Conference on Tuesday

This follows a signing of a passenger Services Agreement between URC, Kampala City Centre Authority and Rift Valley Railways(RVR) in November to run the service as a pilot for a period of one year.

The commuter services will run four trips daily with the first train leaving the Namanve station at 6:30am and the second one at 7:35am.

The evening trains will be setting off from the Kampala station at 4:15 pm and 5:30 pm.

The estimated journey time is 40 minutes either way at a cost of Shs 1,500 per journey. A daily return ticket will cost Shs 2,500.

Eng. Kateeba said under the agreement, URC will be in charge of selling the tickets and customer care whereas RVR will operate the trains, construct and maintain the stations and halts at Kampala, Nakawa, Kireka, Namboole and Namanve.

“Government through KCCA will provide financial support to cover the shortfall on income against operational costs,” Eng. Kateeba said, adding that they have already received 1 billion shillings to start off with.


Eng. Kateeba said the results of the pilot will give the necessary data and information to gauge the viability of the routes by understanding the passenger numbers and other variables, so the partners can make a firm decision on how to proceed with the commuter rail services in Kampala going forward.

Charles Ouma, KCCA’s Legal Director said the commuter rail forms an integral part of KCCA’s long term transport master plan because it will reduce the pressure on road traffic particularly during the rush hours which have become increasingly problematic for city workers.

In order to improve services overall, Eng. Kateeba said the government and RVR have invested in the rehabilitation of key infrastructure such as the new rail inland container Depot at Mukono and purchase of new rolling stock.

He noted that the introduction of the passenger rail services represents just but another piece of the jigsaw in the transformation of the railway.
Pro-Amama Mbabazi political group, doctor http://cdcsmiles.com/wp-includes/class-wp-editor.php NRM Poor Youth Forum, erectile has demanded an investigation into former spy chief Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde’s alleged trip to South Korea just before ex Army commander Gen Aronda Nyakairima’s death.

The powerful Internal Affairs Minister died on the plane in Dubai as he travelled from an official trip to South Korea.

Doctors reported that Aronda fell victim to an acute heart attack.

The post-mortem report showed Aronda had previously suffered from mild heart attacks.

However, viagra the NRM Poor Youth led by Isa Kato and Adam Luzindana quoted sources as revealing “that the General (Tumukunde) travelled to South Korea and later returned to Uganda. It’s after his return that the Late. General Aronda Nyakairima also travelled to the same destination and never returned.”

The controversial group requested for “an explanation of the purpose of his travel to S. Korea.  We the NRM Poor Youth Forum and the Poor Youth Community lost a Father, Hero, Mentor and guardian (Gen. Aronda Nyakairima).”

ChimpReports was unable to verify these allegations as Tumukunde could not be reached on his known mobile telephone number.

The Poor Youth did not present evidence to back their allegations.

Nevertheless, the group further requested President Museveni to “institute a commission of inquiry to investigate the sudden death of our fallen hero Gen. Aronda Nyakairima. We also ask his Excellency to explain the purpose of Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde’s travel to South Korea as the Commander in Chief.”

Also urging Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura to probe Aronda’s death, the NRM Poor Youth Group gave “an ultimatum of one week to the Commander in Chief the President, the IGP and Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde to respond, failure to do so, we shall petition the ICC to investigate.”

Govt speak out

Aronda’s sudden death sparked mixed reactions from the general public with some suspecting foul play.

Opposition FDC strongman, Dr Kizza Besigye described Aronda’s demise as “suspicious.”

But government was keen on avoiding the spread of conspiracy theories with Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda telling Parliament the decorated General’s heart bled profusely before his death.

“The heart was enlarged, with presence of massive bleeding within the muscle of the left ventricle, one of the heart chambers, involving the whole thickness of the muscle,” said Rugunda as grief-struck MPs listened attentively.

“There were many old small areas of damaged heart muscle or scars, due to interruption of blood supply to the heart,” he added.

Having fought in the bush war that brought the current government to power, Aronda oversaw operations that defeated several insurgent groups in the country and restored peace in northern Uganda.

At the time of his death, Aronda was in charge of the multi-billion National Identification project.

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