NRM Polls: Museveni Slams Cheating “Idiots,” Calls for Election Audit

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday described as “idiots” some members of the ruling NRM  who were involved in various malpractices and violence that marred the party primary elections last week.

The elections for the party’s constituency and district woman MP flag bearers saw multiple cases of violence in which lives were lost and dozens injured.

Speaking Monday morning at the party offices in Kampala, Museveni said all members who “made a fool of themselves” were to be arrested and sent to jail.

The president also noted that most of the perpetrators of violence had already been arrested and that those that were released were rearrested on his orders.

“There was violence in a constituency called Bukono where 12 people were beaten and cut with pangas on the first day,” Museveni said.

“I told the IGP that if the police could not do their work, I will do it for them by arresting them (officers) first, and doing the rest myself because I have the capacity to do it.

“Some people were arrested and then they were given police bond. Someone who just cut people?… We have said there will be no police bond to somebody who has attacked Ugandans.”

He added, “We even had a minister who beat people and was seen with guns. That one is in jail. This game is finished”


The president who was speaking at the launch of the distribution of motorcycles for NRM leaders at sub county level, also threatened tough action on those involved in cheating, describing them as idiots.

He said the NRM would soon be unveiling panels of elders that will be based at the zonal level, which will handle all complaints emerging from the elections.

“We shall go and audit the results; I have already audited some of the results myself directly using some channels,” he said.

As for Ugandans and party members that were affected by the violence, Museveni said these should remain calm as he handles the situation.

“I have seen some people demonstrating, but you might cause confusion and even damage some property in the process. Simply write to us, and we shall act.”

He also appealed to the NRM leaders to shun violence and follow his lead by verbally appealing to their opponents.

The president said he, using social media, had been able to counter his opponents and even won several of them over.


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