NRM Needs 50 Years In Power to Mature – Opondo

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has said the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party is still in its infancy, and needs a few more decades in power to become mature.

Mr Opondo, who is also the deputy spokesman of the ruling party; speaking just days after the NRM celebrated its 33rd anniversary, said three decades in power are barely enough to make the party fully developed.

“We are not yet even at maturity; we are at our teen (sic),” he said, during a radio talk show on Saturday.

“The minimum we would want to give NRM in government is 50 years. If you have a fantasy that 33 is such a long time, for us we don’t think so.”

Mr Opondo’s remarks appeared to reinforce a long whispered scheme by the NRM party to rule the country for half a century.

Back in 2014, then Prime Minister hinted on this plan, saying that the prevailing peace and security were “here to stay under the ruling NRM for the next 50 years.”

“NRM has built capacity to stay in the governance of this country because people have put their full trust in it,” Mbabazi said.

Mr Opondo was speaking in response to arguments during the talk show, that the NRM, being and old and well established party, shouldn’t be stooping to the level of hiring musicians to promote it.


To this, Opondo said the age of any organization should not stop it from advertising itself, citing old companies such as Coca Cola.

“Advertising is part of re-branding and re-packaging,” he said. “We must continue to do so.”

He added however, that the NRM still needs to “go back to our manifesto and straighten up those things that we haven’t done well.”

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