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NRM: Mbabazi Must Stop Provoking Us

Following torrential rains in western Uganda, pharmacy http://coogomezplata.com/components/com_k2/views/itemlist/view.feed.php River Kafu has burst its banks, http://cinemalogue.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/photon.php flooding a number of villages and destroying homes and property.

The Uganda Red Cross announced this afternoon that as a result, http://cebudoctorsuniversity.edu/services/bank-payments-info.php the Hoima- Kampala road has been closed temporarily to avoid catastrophes.

In a brief statement released by the organization, the El-nino rains which were announced earlier this month have also devastated other districts including Bundibugyo, Moyo, Manafwa among others.

In the western Kibale district, 30 cases of cholera have been reported this week.  The areas affected are in Ndaiga sub country in Kitebere and Nyamasonga parishes.

The outbreak is believed to be caused by the collapse of pit latrines due to the rains near the Hoima landing sites that contaminated the lake which is the only source of safe water. A Cholera unit has been established at Kitebere Primary School

In Bundibugyo flooding was reported in as River Humya in Bubukwanga Sub County burst its banks spewing water to the settlements and destroying infrastructure. The road to Bundibugyo is currently cut off and the branch is currently unable to carry out a detailed assessment.

In Moyo district northern Uganda, the floods have affected communities around affecting the R. Nile stretching up to Obongi Country.

“As a result of water logging, most of the crop yields like Cassava and sweet potatoes may rot. Destruction of pit latrines presents a possibility of a Cholera Outbreak due to contamination of water points,” fears the Red Cross.


Meanwhile in Eastern Uganda, a devastating hailstorm hit 10 Villages in Manafwa district.

About 400 Households have been affected and about 118 acres of food crops destroyed. The strong moving wind also uprooted huge trees and electricity poles
The National Resistance Movement has responded to the complaints made by Amama Mbabazi, information pills http://crizatii.ro/wp-admin/includes/revision.php alleging that NRM Supporters are disrupting his rallies.

Mbabazi wrote to the Electoral Commission complaining about the alleged harassment of his supporters.

Independent presidential candidate, there Amama MbabazI through his lawyers, Fred Muwema and John Mary Mugisha, wrote to the Electoral Commission and asked the chairman, Dr Badru Kigundu to take serious action against the perpetrators.

Mbabazi accused the incumbent President Museveni and his supporters of intimidating his supporters in Hoima and Fort Portal when they sent Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde in a helicopter to land at his campaign venues.

In regards to this, Justine Kasule Lumumba, the Secretary General wrote to the Electoral Commission on behalf of NRM, saying no disruptions of any Mbabazi public rallies has been made by Museveni supporters.

He said the helicopter which landed at Boma was a civilian and not a military craft, whose aesthetics cannot possibly cause apprehension.

“We are informed by the owner of the helicopter that it landed many hours before people gathered and it was on ground for less than 20 minutes,” the letter from NRM to EC reads in part.

NRM noted that on the said date, Mbabazi was supposed to be in Gulu.

“According to the harmonized program which was agreed and signed by all candidates, Hon Mbabazi was supposed to be in Gulu. The Electoral Commission did state that any change in program would occur after consultation with all candidates.”

“No consultation was made with NRM or its candidate and neither was there prior notification of the change done. How then were the NRM Supporters supposed to know that Mbabazi had changed rally venue from Gulu to FortPortal?” The letter further reads.

Mbabazi also said that NRM supporters held a mini rally to disrupt the presidential candidate’s procession to his public rally.

He claimed that NRM supporters held a provocative roadside rally near the NRM Seeta office as the independent candidate proceeded to Mukono for a rally.

In response to this, Lumumba said processions are not a public rally. He added that no rally was held at NRM Seeta offices.

He pointed out that it’s difficult to see how party activity at the NRM offices in Seeta can affect a rally being held 5km away in Mukono.

The NRM secretariat also revealed that they have no knowledge of the allegations made against them in regards to NRM Supporters defacing Mbabazi posters.

Lumumba therefore noted that no disruptions of any Mbabazi public rallies have been made by NRM supporters as alleged.

The Secretariat requested the Electoral Commission to prevail upon Mbabazi and his supporters to desist from provocation of the peaceful NRM supporters, that they will no doubt continue to encounter on the campaign trail.

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