NRM London Faction Fires Back in Fake Cards Saga

The NRM Diaspora League faction under Patrick Asiimwe has strongly denied allegations they are soliciting for money from party members abroad.

NRM Secretariat released a statement condemning the printing and selling of party cards in Europe, America and Asia and also threatened legal action against the group behind the activity.

In an email to ChimpReports from London, the group responsible however stated that the cards they are printing are only for the purpose of membership and future activities like election of Diaspora leaders.

“It’s true we have made cards for our members and these are for election purposes and no one is soliciting for funds from anyone,” part of the mail sent by the group’s spokesman, Moses Kimuli reads in part.

According to Kimuli, reports circulating they are soliciting for money is simply targeting their plan of holding elections for the Diaspora leadership.

“Those reports are from people who are fighting us because we are arranging elections to elect new leaders. Some who have been eating NRM Diaspora money are worried that we have stepped in their plates and that’s the fight,” he added.

The group also disagreed with the Secretariat’s position that their activity is illegal.

“Whatever we are doing is legal and we are not at all worried by media reports. We urge our members to get ready for the first genuine Diaspora elections immediately after registration.”


On the collection of BPS£ 10 from each member for the cards, the group stressed it’s voluntary contribution towards the cost of printing.

“People are volunteering towards the cost of making cards but not for profit.”

The statement accused NRM Diaspora Chairman, Abbey Walusimbi for remotely fighting them through the Secretariat.

“We urge Walusimbi to stop tarnishing our name we have no problem with him but we no longer want him as our leader.”

Mr. Walusimbi in an email from Washington last week coincided with the NRM Secretariat’s position and also distanced himself from the group.

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