NRM Launches Reconciliation Drive

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has embarked on a reconciliation drive for its members in Rubanda district ahead of the 2021 general elections.

In a meeting held at Rubanda Volcano hotel on Thursday afternoon between the district NRM leadership and selected party members, a call was made to ensure unity among the party members in the district.

Henry Ariganyira Musasizi the Rubanda NRM chairperson said during the meeting that the recent primaries had causes a lot of friction with cases of sabotage and intimidation which brought bad blood within the members.

He however said the party members should continue to preaching the reconciliation message to even the villages so that the party unites and wins massively in the forthcoming elections.

“What we have started today shall continue even at the lowest levels so that we get the party members in one boat which aims at supporting President Museveni and our flagbearers in the forthcoming elections,” Musasazi said.

James Tweheyo, a member of the NRM Central Executive Committee used the platform to ask the losers of the recent primaries to accept the results of the exercise and support the party’s chosen flagbearers.

“The race definitely had to get one winner from each position. You may have had a lot of strength but for certain reasons you did not go through. Please accept what has transpired and support the winner. Your time to lead could come if you patiently wait for another opportunity to try out your luck,” Tweheyo  said.

“I know that you invested a lot of resources in the elections and you were probably hurt by whatever came out of the exercise. If you are willing to support the status quo, trust me as a party we shall be ready to support you in any possible way,” he added.


He also asked the winners to desist from using a hurting language against their opponents if they truly want to heal the broken hearts.

Beatrice Rwakimari, the Ntungamo woman Member of parliament who lost the party primaries asked her colleagues in the party from Rubanda to follow her example and rally as much support as possible for party flagbearers.

“When I lost the bid to become the Ntungamo flagbearer for NRM in the Woman Mp race, I did not even bother to take on the tribunal path because I realized my supporters had opted to give me a break from parliament. I respected their choice and vowed to do all I can to ensure that whoever went through even wins the general elections. This is what I would have wished for each and every member of the NRM in this district,” Rwakimari  said.

The meeting where all participants in the major seats in the recent polls were invited only saw one loser, Kenneth Jogo Biryabarema, the former contestant on Rubanda East NRM MP seat turn up while the rest did not even submit an explanation to the party why they stayed away.

Biryabarema blamed the party leadership for delaying the reconciliation move saying that most of them had opted to return as independents so as to seek a fair treat from their voters.

“We love and support the NRM Party but the recent primaries wounded us a lot. We tried to seek justice after what we thought was not the right result from the party primaries but we were frustrated by even the judicial system and the top party electoral body. We have therefore opted to try out our chance from the voters who will determine the exact winner,” he said.


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