NRM Is Trying to Bribe Busia Independents To Pull Out of The Race – DP

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) is being accused of trying to buy off some of the candidates in the Busia LC5 elections to exit the race.

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) alleges that the ruling party is now throwing its weight behind the NRM leaning independent Mr Geoffrey Wandera, after the party candidate Boniface Oguttu was kicked out of the race by the Electoral Commission on technical grounds.

Mr Oguttu together with the DP candidate Deogratius Hasubi Njoki had their nominations cancelled by the EC last week because the names they used on the nomination forms didn’t match those on their academic papers and voters’ register respectively.

This left only three candidates in the race, namely; Geoffrey Wandera, Tony Ojambo and Chrispus Bwire, all of them independents

DP’s lawyers this morning rushed to court in Busia and by publication of this story were still seeking an injunction to stop the election which is scheduled for Wednesday, until the DP candidate Njoki is put back on the ballot.

The DP President Norbert Mao claims that NRM didn’t seek legal redress to have its candidate back in the race, after realizing that he had no case.

Mao says the ruling party has now decided to back the NRM leaning independent and to entice the remaining candidates to get out of the race.

“They found that their candidate has no case; they wanted to go to court but they learnt that based on precedent, their candidate would not be reinstated,” Mao told us on phone today.


“So they have decided now to use cash.  For the last few days Mrs Kasule Lumumba (NRM Secretary General) has been camped in Busia, trying to have the other two candidates to yield. The information we have received is that there are people who have been negotiating the cash agreement, and most probably, the remaining independent candidates are preparing letters to hand to the Electoral Commission.”

“They want the NRM (Independent) guy to be declared unopposed. They have offered money to Tony Ojambo the FDC leaning independent and Chrispus Bwire the other independent. They are fast-tracking everything in their usual crooked way.”

NRM however, dismissed these allegations as false.

The party spokesman Mr Rogers Mulindwa went on to describe Mr Mao as “a comedian who is seeking media attention.”

“As we speak now, they Secretary General is here at Plot 10, she is setting off for the Cabinet meeting,” Mulindwa said.

“Mao is a comedian. The best thing he can do is look for something that gets him into the news.”

When reached for a comment, the Deputy Spokesperson of the Electoral Commission Mr Paul Bukenya, who was in a meeting said, he will be providing an update on the Busia election later today.

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