NRM Condemns Police Violence

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party yesterday joined in the chorus of condemnation of Uganda Police’s adaptation of flogging as a new form its crowd control measures.

The head of the police force Inspector General Kale Kayihura revealed last week that policemen whipping people on the streets would substitute the use of teargas and rubber bullets.

The IGP made the revelation amidst viral pictures and videos showing police officers beating up supporters of Col Dr Kizza Besigye who were welcoming him from Luzira Prison on Tuesday last week.

The images sparked widespread outrage from members of the public, viagra 60mg opposition and NRM leaders, viagra 100mg religious leaders, civil society amongst other groups.

Yesterday, the Secretary General of the ruling NRM party Justine Kasule Lumumba, daubed the police actions as “wrong and uncalled for”

Mrs Lumumba said that the police had no justification of beating like animals people that were not protesting but merely standing along the road showing support to their person.

“We strongly condemn this act,” Lumumba told media at a religious function in Luweero district on Sunday.

“We believe that the police should have used teargas or other acceptable means if they felt it was necessary to get these people off the road.”


Some of the victims of beatings have since opted to drag the police officers to courts of law.

NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba says police's operation methods are wrong
NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba says police’s operation methods are wrong

When confronted with these accusations, the police boss Kayihura on Thursday turned to the media, blaming it for siding with the opposition to demonize his force, by telling only one side of the story.

He claimed that Besigye’s supporters attacked his men first and that they were trying to block Entebbe Road.

Last weekend, State Minister for Internal Affairs Hon Obiga Mario Kania urged police not to take in bad faith but rather accept the criticism from the public about their violence and brutality.

Addressing officers at the pass out of senior commanders at the  Senior  Command and Staff College in Bwebajja on Friday, the new minister noted, “It is not that the people don’t like you, they are only telling you the truth. You can’t say the mirror is bad and smash it. You should take public criticism in good faith,” Obiga said.

“From these criticisms you must come out good and as leaders you should accept them.”


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