NRM Chairman Defects to FDC After Botched Election

Aaron Turahi, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairperson for Endinzi Sub County in Isingiro district announced he is crossing to the opposition Forum for the Democratic Party (FDC), after losing the mayoral NRM primary election for Endinzi Town Council over the weekend.

Mr Turahi suffered his third defeat under the NRM last week, having lost previously in the races for MP Bukanga Constituency and later Councilor for Endinzi Sub County.

This time he was contesting in the NRM primaries for mayor of the newly created Endinzi Town Council, which he lost to Elson Musiime on Saturday.

During a radio talk show on Sunday, Turahi threw in the towel and defected to FDC.

The local NRM Chairman accused his long cherished party of injustice and discrimination.

He described last week’s election as a total sham, noting that it was marred with vote rigging, intimidation of voters and bribery.

“I have left the NRM Party and I am now a member of the FDC party,” Turahi told kampalapost.

Turahi cited some individuals in the NRM Party “who think they are more important than others and have stepped on many other members in the district.”


“Such people believe they have the money and the power to influence things and silence others. This has pushed many members to the periphery, deepened intrigue and divisions within the party,” he explained.

Turahi was welcomed by FDC party leaders during the radio talk show; including the recent defector Mr. Vicent Mujuni Kyamadidi and his colleague Wilberforce Ongom from Rwampara constituency.

He said he will come on the FDC ticket in the main election for the mayoral seat, which he thinks will help catapult him to parliament in 2023 to represent the people of Bukanga.

When contacted, the Endinzi sub county registrar Mr. Godfrey Mushaija described Saturday’s elections and “normal.”

“Move around and see the mood of the people,” he said.

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