NRM CEC Rallies Behind Magezi, to Popularise Age Limit Bill

The ruling NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) has Tuesday resolved to support and popularize the proposed constitutional amendment bill seeking to lift the presidential age limit.

This was confirmed today night by the Acting Secretary General, Richard Todwong.

He said in a statement the CEC sitting at State House Entebbe resolved to “support the Bill for the Act entitled Constitutional (Amendment) No 2 Act 2017, moved by Hon Raphael Magezi.”

CEC, according to Todwong, also decided to popularize the decision to all the “structures and membership of NRM and entire the country, guiding and mobilizing them accordingly.”

The bill has divided political opinion with opposition vowing a stiff resistance to what they describe as plan to facilitate a life presidency.

But NRM says the proposed legislation is popular with millions of people supporting President Museveni to seek another term in office after the expiry of his term and clocking the mandatory 75 years.

CEC also cautioned against intimidation of supporters of the controversial bill.

“In the spirit and culture of democracy that NRM fought for and believes in,” said Todwong, “we call upon the population to be respectful and tolerant of all the diverse views that may be peacefully and lawfully expressed during this process.”


The development marks a significant step in rallying vital NRM structures to support the return of president Museveni after clocking 75 years.

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