NRM Calls For Arrest Of Besigye Attackers

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party on Sunday joined in the condemnation of Saturday’s attack on former FDC Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye.

The attack which happened at Bulange in Mengo, highlighted the heightened squabbling amongst the opposition groups in the country, with less than two years to the next general elections.

The NRM Party in a statement, called for the arrest of the youths who attacked Besigye as he made his way out of the studios of CBS FM where he had just been hosted on a talk show.

The youths, who included known activists of the People Power pressure group under MP Robert Kyagulanyi, shouted anti Besigye slogans, and engaged in a fist fight with the former presidential candidate’s supporters.

The NRM party said authorities should hunt for, and arrest the people behind the incident.

“We condemn the assault on (Kizza Besigye) and call upon Police to apprehend those responsible,” the party said in a statement.

“We ask of our colleague parties and competitors to discourage any forms of violence within their ranks, and embrace fair competition, by encouraging debate and principled engagement.”

In the statement, however, the NRM said the Opposition parties and some their leaders, were responsible for nurturing such behavior.


“The violence and hooliganism we’re now seeing in Opposition ranks is the inevitable outcome of years of belligerent, street-based, populist politics for long conducted by the opposition & encouraged by some elements within its leadership,” the NRM said.

Ironically, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi whose people are being blamed for the incident says, there is a possibility that this was stage managed by government.

“Followers of the politics of this country will understand that such stunts and machinations have in the past been stage-managed by the state and other actors to achieve political objectives”

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