NRA TREK: Museveni Meets War Veterans; Vows to Arrest Thieving Doctors

Mubende: President Museveni has condemned the theft of resources allocated for the rehabilitation of war veterans in the cattle corridor of Mubende, Kiboga and Nakaseke districts.

Museveni, who is on a 195km trek in central Uganda in remembrance of the National Resistance Army’s heroics in the five-year guerrilla war that brought him to power in 1986, was visibly disturbed by reports from civilians that resources meant to economically empower them was stolen.

“We have been on this campaign but people have been eating your things,” Museveni told a gathering of people in Butologo Hills in Mubende on Tuesday evening.

“NAADS was limping. But soldiers are telling me that they gave you coffee seedlings and other agricultural inputs,” he said.

The area residents, majority of whom are migrants from South Western Uganda and as far as DRC and Rwanda, confirmed receiving support of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).

“I am glad that OWC support reached you. We shall send you more,” he added.

President Museveni this past Saturday flagged off the 195km trek through the seven districts of Wakiso, Nakaseke, Mityana, Kiboga, Kasandha, Mubende and Kakumiro.

Museveni’s daughter Natasha Karugire and several ministers including Judith Nabakooba took part in the trek which attracted the business community, NRM party leaders and opinion leaders.



On Tuesday, Museveni, accompanied by NRA combatants including Gen Elly Tumwiine, addressed several gatherings along the road as he trekked with about 800 people.

He used a long stick for support as he climbed five kilometers to the peak of the mountains where NRA fighters hid from Milton Obote’s forces.

At the peak, tents were erected to accommodate the trekkers.

Many looked haggard but said they remained resilient and would continue walking till this Friday.

Hundreds of Special Forces units have since been deployed to secure the trekkers.

Museveni told various groups to improve their household incomes.

“If you work on it, other issues will be sorted. You don’t have electricity and water but if you address household income you can get solar electricity and harvest water and store in a tank. The rest will be easy,” said Museveni.

“You should plant coffee. Will also send you fruits, goats, cows and hens to boost your household incomes. The youth shall be supported in vocational training, welding, weaving and carpentry. All this doesn’t require a lot of land,” he added.

The president also directed that all kids must go to school.

“I wanted free education, but you introduced fees. Kids are being chased from school. I don’t support it. We need to talk about it.”

Museveni appeared to have done some research about the people’s pressing concerns which include land evictions and lack of medicine in public health facilities.

“All kids must enjoy free education in public schools,” he directed.

Museveni also expressed concern that doctors were stealing medicine from health centres. “I am told people fear to report thieving doctors. That they are intimidating you with death injections. I will deal with them. I am going to arrest your doctors,” he said as the crowd cheered him on.

Museveni also vowed to stop land evictions.

“For public land, whoever comes first is the owner. No one will eject you. Your MPs are here. I am going to investigate those evicting people. They will have to cough stolen land,” he said but quickly warned liars.

“Don’t tell lies. If you don’t have land, tell us that you need help. Lies disrupt our work.”

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