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Notorious Kampala Car Thief, House-breaker Netted

Kampala police on Thursday arrested a notorious car thief in Kabusu village, Rubaga Parish in Rubaga Division, Kampala.

The suspect currently detained at Old Kampala Police Station has for long been on the wanted list by police for crimes regarding house-breaking and motor vehicle theft.

Police identified the suspect as Twaha Mondo Twaha who is believed to be in his mid-twenties.

Police revealed that during the early morning hours of Thursday, they “got more than one call about a suspect who had allegedly broken into a home and stole a saloon car.”

After gathering intelligence, the tracking teams of the security agency put out an alert call and the alleged stolen vehicle was spotted, impounded and the suspected thief was arrested.

A statement from the Kampala Metropolitan Police says that the suspect was interrogated on his modus operandi, and he disclosed that he normally waits outside banks or markets to identify his favourite vehicle and drives them off using a master key.

He then steal them using with a master key, he said according to the statement.

Still from the interrogation, the suspect told detectives that after stealing the vehicles, he would change the chassis number and number plates then sell them off.


Crime intelligence officers at Old Kampala Police said that the suspect had for long been evading arrest for the past three years.

The suspect would move with over 13 pairs of clothes in a suit case which he keeps changing in case he would get suspicious of any people trailing him.

Shockingly, Twaha confessed to have stolen over 32 vehicles in the recent years.

Car thefts in the country have been on the raise in the recent past.

Most of the cars stolen in the country are smuggled into the neighbouring countries especially DRC and South Sudan.

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