Northern Uganda Gets War Memorial Center

The Paramount Chief of Acholi, Rwot David Onen Acana II on Friday officially commissioned the National Memory and Peace Documentation Center in Kitgum town.

The Center was constructed by the Refugee Law Project to archive all the past events of war, peace processes and many other issues arising from transitional justice in Uganda.

Speaking at the launch, Rwot Acana noted that the people of Acholi in the past used to memorise their records and pass them on orally.

This center he said will act as a learning point for many people in the region and beyond.

Commenting on the current situation in the region however, the Paramount Chief said the peace prevailing in Northern Uganda is “incomplete” because many parts of Uganda are still divided regionally.

He cited the example of the Land Conflict in Apaa which he says is being fuelled by selfish politicians who he did not name.

The Rwot nonetheless pledged total support for the Centre urging people to make good use of it.

Kitgum district Chairman, Jackson Omona said the Center is a huge potential for tourism in the area adding that many researchers, academicians among others are already using it.


Bradford Oceng from Uganda Tourism Board said the Center will boost tourism activity.

He noted that the board is promoting Dark Tourism and urged Ugandans to start visiting their own tourism sites so that the industry grows and brings more opportunities.

Cultural Chiefs from West Nile including the Paramount Chief of Madi, Stephen Drani and Lugbara Cultural institution officials also attended the opening of the Center.

The Center has artefacts, photographs, and other documentation of war, and the peace process, all on display for visitors.


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