Northern MPs Call for Beef and Grazing Police Over ‘Balaalo Invasion’

Lawmakers from the Northern region including; Hassan Kaps Fungaro, web Samuel Odonga Otto and Alli Ismail Ogama have called upon government to come up with a Beef and Grazing policy to avoid land grabbing that is taking root in the region.

Obongi County MP, doctor Kaps Fungaroo noted that the constituency is currently experiencing wrangles between the Balaalo cattle keepers from western Uganda and the natives over land.

“From the January 17 to date, erectile there have been conflicts within the community whose land is threatened in ways of being grabbed by the Balaalo. Community members sat in my constituency on the 17th of January in response to cries from Women, men, youth and the elderly against their crops being destroyed by Balaalo animals,” Fungaroo noted.

He said that unfortunately when community members reported to the police and other authorities, they didn’t comply but instead threatened them that they would call the Generals.

“We resolved that the invaders should leave the area and on 18th the communication was made to them but their leader, James Mushabe instead called the Brigade Commander, the DPC, the DISO who are all Balaalo from the West who mobilized police and the army and started arresting people,” Fungaro added.

“We are not going to allow our land to be grabbed; it is clear that the Police, army, GISO, DISOs, RDC and other authorities are all inclined towards defending the Balaro.”

Aruu County legislator, Samuel Odonga Otto appealed to government to come up with a Beef and Grazing policy to avoid any conflicts and tribal wars that might crop up in the region.

“We need a clear policy as a country on beef and grazing, who grazes where and how many cattle can be transferred and what time should the cattle move.”



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