Norbert Mao is Lying – Kiggundu

The Independent Electoral Commission has come out to clarify on the circumstances under which Democratic Party President Norbert Mao was disqualified from nomination for the Gulu Municipality MP seat; dismissing his subsequent allegations of being sidelined by the Commission.

Mao was last Wednesday blocked from the nomination exercise in his home municipality after he failed to present his national identity card as part of the prerequisites. His name was also missing on the voter’s register.

The EC Chairman in a Friday press statement expressed displeasure over Mao’s subsequent ‘false commentaries’ against the commission, information pills in which he claimed to have missed the entire enrollment exercise due to illness.

Mr Kiggundu clarified that the process of issuance of the new identity cards and updating the new voters’ register was given ample time and therefore Mao could not have inadvertently missed it.

“The Commission conducted an update of the National Voters’ Register, find which involved fresh registration of Ugandan citizens of 18 years and above, who had missed out on the registration conducted for the purpose of issuance of a National Identity Card,” said Kiggundu.

“We extensively publicized the exercise to ensure that Ugandan citizens register to participate in the 2016 General Elections. During the update exercise, the Commission clarified that all persons who registered for purposes of elections prior to the 2010/2011 General Elections but had not registered during the Enrolment exercise for purposes of issuance with a National Identification Card, were required to register (afresh) for purposes of voting during the 2016 General Elections.”

During Wednesday’s nomination exercise, Norbert Mao carried his old voter’s card, as proof that he is indeed a registered voter.

Kigundu however reminded him that the Commission last April announced that effective 31st March 2015, the 2011 National Voters’ Register (as updated) had been retired and degazetted, and accordingly, it would not be used for purposes of elections and/or referenda in 2016 and beyond.


Sensing the huddle prior to the nomination, Hon. Mao had written to the EC admitting that he missed on the National ID registration exercise and requested consideration and inclusion on the National Voters’ Register.

The EC however informed him in response that his request was time barred, since it was raised after conclusion of the General Update whose cut-off date was 11th May 2015.


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