Norbert Mao Gets Death Threats from ‘Bobi Wine Supporters’

Opposition Democratic (DP) President, Norbert Mao, 53, has vowed to not be cowed by death threats from “lunatics” on social media.

The former Gulu Municipality MP said those threatening his life “need counselling.”

Cases of politicians receiving death threats are common during elections in Uganda.

In extreme cases, thugs distribute leaflets in urban centres threatening violence against opponents.

“This week I have been inundated by more threats from political extremists who want to play God. The one below is but a sample of the most ignominious. Most probably it is from a person who needs counseling and doesn’t want to take responsibility for his life,” said Mao.

The opposition politician shared a screenshot of a threatening message sent via his Facebook messenger, saying, “Mr Mao, we are aware of your plans with the dictator trying to pave ways of blocking Bobi Wine nominations but I am telling (sic) try it out you will regret.”

The sender’s name is written in a foreign language.

“We are going to clear the whole of your family and we leave you alone behind to taste the wrath of your hypocrisy,” the threatening message reads in part.


Sections of the opposition have previously accused Mao of being in bed with the ruling NRM party, a claim he has dismissed as unfounded.

Mao has in recent years come under relentless attack from supporters of presidential hopeful Bobi Wine.

In a social media post this Saturday morning, Mao appealed to his supporters “never to descend to this low level of primitive threats. Our campaign is not about empty promises. It is about values and vision.”

He added: “Like all those who speak the truth and live by their convictions, I have received hate messages and threats to myself and those close to time. These threats have followed me right from my days as a student. My ideas are more potent than any threat. I recall during my 1990 Students Guild campaigns I was advised to step down or risk death. In 1996 an army officer in Gulu told me I would never step in parliament but instead go to mortuary. Sadly, the officer arrived in the mortuary before me.”

Mao said as “a Christian I live by the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 12:17-21. – ‘Recompense to no man evil for evil. Provide things honest in the sight of all men…”

He emphasised: “I have lived in very dangerous situations and I live without fear.  Nevertheless, I have reported the matter to the people concerned at Facebook.”

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