Nobert Mao Will Be Nominated Tomorrow, DP Confirms

The Democratic Party (DP) has said that its presidential aspirant Norbert Mao will be nominated by the Electoral Commission tomorrow Tuesday November 3.

Many Ugandans have been asking questions why the oldest political party, the Democratic Party, failed to front a candidate in the 2021 general elections.

This was after the Electoral Commission released a list of 10 candidates who had been cleared for nominations, of whom Mao was not among.

This was because, every presidential aspirant is under the law required to submit to the Electoral Commission 100 signatures of registered voters from 98 districts of Uganda, something that Mao and his DP had not yet done.

However, the party submitted the signatures on Saturday after EC list of verified and cleared aspirants was already out.

The Electoral Commission chairman Justice Simon Byabakama said on Sunday that the verification exercise was still underway and today, Monday, the DP Secretary General Gerald Siranda confirmed that Mao has been cleared and therefore will be nominated on Tuesday at 1 pm.

“We had our status report that came out on Saturday and were a few top ups of names that needed to be cleared but we have submitted enough. We have submitted 14000 signatures beyond what was required. By today midday, we will have cleared. Otherwise, if we were not in the pipeline, we wouldn’t have done a COVID-19 test which was managed and conducted by the Electoral Commission,” said Siranda.

“The Democratic Party is as well up and down trying to make sure that we are ready for tomorrow. The candidate and the 10 people that will be on the delegation (the nominator, the seconder, the official agent and 7 others) have already done their COVID-19 test and the results are out. We are happy to notify and inform our membership that all our results were negative. We are waiting for a certificate today which we think will be done by midday,” he added.


The rest of the requirements, Siranda confirmed, have been dealt with  and Mao is booked for 1 pm tomorrow (Tuesday).

“The notification already came to us. So, we will be ready to do that process tomorrow,” he added.


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