No Plans to Raise Retirement Age – Minister Muruli

The Minister of Public Service Hon. Muruli Mukasa has come out to dispel media reports that Government was planning to raise the retirement age for public servants.

Mukasa clarified that the ministry is proposing a review in provision for employment of medical specialists beyond the retirement age of 60 years but not the entire public service.

“Among the proposals for review is the provision for employment of medical specialists beyond the mandatory retirement age of 60 years. The Standing Orders (2010) already provides for re – employment of public officers after the age of 60 years on contract terms if they possess rare skills, are medically fit and if efforts to replace them have been fruitless,” said Minister.

The reemployed medical specialists according to the minister will be given a contract of 3 years each and they will be eligible to a maximum of 3 contract subject to personal medical fitness assessment reports by the medical board.

The Minister added that the proposal to reemploy medical specialists after their retirement age was developed after consultations with various key stakeholders including Ministry of Health.

Some of the specialists include oncologists, Hematologists, Anesthesia, Psychiatrists, Cardiologists, Pathologists, and Neuro – Surgeons among others.

The Minister cited the concern of rapid population growth against slower growth of Production of medical specialists as proposal’s justification.

” The other circumstances that have necessitated this provision is the advancement in Health care that Uganda needs to adapt”


Statistics from the Ministry of Health indicate that out 688 approved positions of medical specialists, only 339 positions (49%) are filled.

However, the minister says other cadres in public service with the exception of Judges remain at the same mandatory retirement age of 60 years.

Asked why Government is proposing re – employment of these cadres yet there is massive graduation and unemployment rate in the country, the Minister said it takes time to become a specialist and that completing a medical degree doesn’t make one a specialist.

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