No One Will Shout Museveni Out of Office – Otafiire Reassures Kiruhura

Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs has reassured the people of Kiruhura district, — where President Yoweri Museveni hails from, — not to lose heart thinking that his reign is under threat.

The minister, while referring to the recent political upheavals in the country and the people behind them as noise makers, said these will not be able to dislodge the government of President Yoweri Museveni.

“I am telling you to relax. Nobody is going to shout Museveni out of office,” he said.

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“Museveni will only be kicked out by your votes. Those who scuttle around in old shirts, you should tell them to go slow.”

The minister, while speaking at the launch of a JLOS center in Kiruhura, reminded the locals that it was President Museveni that brought all the development they have in the area.

“This place was very backward,” he noted.  “And in a very short time we have transformed it to where it is.”

“Don’t think there were no other governments; there were, but these previous governments were good for nothing like neckties.”

Minister Otafiire however, in the midst of the development, and having one of their own in State House, reminded the people of Kiruhura, not to overestimate their strength.

“You too, should go slow,” he said. “There are some of you who are pompous and arrogant; you see the current situation and think you are on top of the world.”

“This country has been here before you existed; it is here now and will be when you are long gone. Go slow.  Let’s do what concerns us and leave what doesn’t to other people.”


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