No One should Sell Beer to Pregnant Women, Minors – Breweries Proprietors

As Uganda and the rest of the world commemorated the Global Beer Responsible Day (GBRD) on September 20, Onapito Ekomoloit, Legal and Corporate Affairs manager at Nile Breweries, cautioned all bar owners and operators to avoid going against ‘beer rules’.

Ekomoloit said stopping bad drinking habits should be a societal responsibility which should as well be considered a culture that must be adopted by everyone and one which doesn’t need to be policed.

In his remarks at the event, Ekomoloit advised bar owners and those dealing in alcoholic drinks not to sell them to pregnant women and under age persons among others.

“As a bar owner, you should discourage pregnant women from drinking beer, shouldn’t be selling to minors, you should not encourage your patrons to drink and drive, you should discourage them from getting intoxicated just because they have money,” he said.

He noted that though beer brings happiness and refreshment to society, it must also, like everything else, be consumed responsibly.

“You are now familiar with all the things we used to consider so innocent such as milk, eggs and meat among others, the call for moderation on beer is no exception,” he said.

When you abuse beer, Ekomoloit further explained, there will be negative consequences just like when you abuse many other things but beer is unique in a sense that there is a lot of science to it and if you don’t consume it responsibly, it could have negative effects on yourself and society.

“Specifically, beer must be sold to only adults, it shouldn’t be sold to pregnant women, nobody should drink beer and drive, and basically you shouldn’t try to operate any machine such as motorbikes, vehicles among others after drinking,” he added.


Started 10 years ago, the GBRD day aims at informing and educating consumers that there’s a need to pay attention to specific ways in which beer must be consumed.

Onapito urged the public that though there is no specific prescriptive amount of beer one should take, it is everyone’s responsibility to take what is enough for the body and not excess.

“Our core message is that drink smart today, celebrate tomorrow and for you to be able to celebrate tomorrow, you need to wake up tomorrow in your normal senses to be able to work and help society.”

Thomas Kamphuis, Managing Director NBL said, “While we are waiting for our favorite bars, clubs and ‘kafundas’ to re-open, we want to remind people that if they choose to enjoy our quality beers at home, it’s important to keep within the responsible drinking guidelines. We are passionate about brewing great quality beers and want every experience with beer to be a positive one.”

Kamphuis emphasized that they believe harmful use of alcohol is bad not only for consumers, colleagues, families and communities, but also for their business.

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