No One Forced Bobi Wine to Sleep in the Vehicle – Police

Police has Friday clarified on reports claiming that NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine and his campaign team were blocked from accessing accommodation in Migyera, Nakasongola district on Thursday night.

Bobi Wine, who was travelling from Hoima district in Bunyoro region, reportedly left late and time caught up with him around Migyera where he spent the night inside his vehicle because he and his campaign and media team were denied access to any accommodation facility in the area, a claim police said is not true.

According to the law enforcement body, Kyagulanyi and team were delayed by huge crowds that he normally moves with which slows down his movement plans and that it has greatly impacted his campaign program.

“Yesterday, he left Hoima en route to Kyankwanzi, he arrived at Migyera at around  with an entourage of about 180 people which is a very big number and they could all not get accommodated. Now, there was what was trending on social media that he had been blocked from accessing the hotel which is not true,” said spokesperson Fred Enanga in a security briefing.

Enanga said that although the DPC of Nakasongola had informed them that Nakasongola was not in his campaign roadmap but was supposed to be in Kyankwanzi,  eventually, after the intervention of the area RPC, the situation was harmonized and they tried to book a hotel in Mijeera but because they were many, the rooms were not enough.

In addition, reports indicate that Jeira Hotel, one of the best hotels in the area was inspected by Robert Kyagulanyi’s team and found out that it was not of good standards despite the few rooms that were left.

“Some of the team members proceeded to Luweero but him and some of his private bodyguards opted to sleep in their vehicles, there was nobody who forced them to sleep in vehicles,” Enanga pointed out.

“However, in the morning, he and his team proceeded to kyankwazi with their campaign program,” he added.


Police also issued an update on the general campaign situation saying that they are moving on smoothly although some candidates at some point misguide their supporters especially with information in regards to covid-19.

Police also expressed gratitude towards Forum for democratic change (FDC) for trimming down the massive processions that they started with in the beginning of their presidential campaign process and abiding by the electoral commission guidelines.

Meanwhile, those that are still not observing the guidelines have been cautioned to start following them.

“We have independents like Katumba, he is very unpredictable and sometimes he jumps out of the car and starts running to go and meet members of the public which is dangerous. As a VIP, you need to be orderly,” said police.



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