No More Importation of Government Commodities – Museveni

President Museveni has banned the importation of government commodities which are manufactured locally.

Museveni revealed yesterday while officiating at the opening of the 24th UMA Trade fair; that government is devising means to ensure that locally manufactured goods get market both locally and on the international scene.

Museveni revealed that he has already issued an order that none of the government forces will be allowed to buy uniform from abroad.

On furniture, there the president referred all government ministries and agencies to Uganda Prisons.

“You can imagine a country like Uganda importing furniture from Dubai — a desert!  I don’t want to see that happening again when we have people who can make better furniture here. If it means slapping high taxes on these items we shall do that to ensure that we stop importing goods that are locally available.”

On the issue of bailing out tycoons, buy more about the president said government will only help those business persons who export Ugandan products because they are the people the economy needs most.

“I told Isa Ssekitto of KACITA that we shall first consider those exporting Ugandan commodities to outside countries. For those who are dealing in imports; how can somebody help a person sucking blood from him?” asked the president.

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