No More Arrests for Minor Crimes as Police Focuses on Covid19 Enforcement

Uganda Police has announced it will henceforth cease carrying out arrests for minor offenses as it turns its focus on enforcing the sweeping rules that have been put in place to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Going forward, the police says it will only be attending to serious crimes as it devotes a larger chuck of its manpower to fighting the deadly virus.

“We are limiting our policing to violent or serious crimes,” said Police spokesman Fred Enanga.

“All minor incidents shall be handled via phone calls or online as opposed to physical arrest and detention. Online reporting can be done via the UPF Mobi APP that is easily downloaded from Google play store.”

Police have since deployed Counterterrorism officers to beef up security at the Entebbe International Airport, where the situation is said to chaotic following the recently imposed travel ban on severely affected countries.

Enanga adds that a group of 5000 PPCS will remain on standby at the Police Training School, Kabalye for any additional manpower requirements.

Thousands of police officers have so far been spread out to enforce the new restrictions on establishments such as factories, hotels and large plantations.

“They will further ensure Fishermen at landing sites, cattle keepers; and operators of public transport such as buses, taxis and Boda Bodas; Hotels and Restaurants strictly observe the new protocols by the Ministry of Health,” Enanga says.


The officers also have instructions to ensure all educational institutions are shut down, prevent all religious gatherings at all places of worship; all gatherings of political, cultural and social nature, as well as conferences and weekly open air markets including livestock markets; discos, bars, music shows and concerts.


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