No Human Rights Without Good Economy – Museveni Tells Judicial Officers

President Yoweri Museveni has asked judicial officers to prioritize economic matters if they are to contribute to promotion of Human Rights on the African continent

While officiating the 4th African Judicial dialogue at Speke Resort Munyonyo, Museveni said to achieve the objectives of this dialogue which are centred on promoting Human rights, a lot of factors have to be considered first

If for instance cases involving employers are not timely solved, he said, many people may lose their jobs and therefore lose access to some of their rights.

“How will you address Human Rights when the economy is not growing?” he said.

“It’s important for all states and academia to know that prosperity will come to Africa through economy or where possible through Political Integration”

Death sentence

At the same event, the president insisted on reviving a death sentence, stressing that sending murder convicts to jail is not enough.

Considering the lifestyle of some of these hard core criminals, Museveni said sending them to jail may seem better for them since in prison they are provided with food.


“I can’t say that the death of a Ugandan is equal to imprisonment. Death is death. I believe in the law of Moses; an eye for an eye”

The Chief Justice of Uganda Hon Bart Katureebe applauded the leadership of African Court on People’s Rights for trusting Uganda to host this 4th Judicial dialogue

“As Judiciary of Uganda we hope to interact and share experience with other Human Rights courts in the region” Katureebe added

Hon Justice Sylivan Ore’ the President of the African Court of Human Rights appreciated the love for Human rights exhibited by the President of Uganda to the extent of allowing their delegation to sit in his country on top of extending financial support to the dialogue

This 4th dialogue is the first one to sit outside Arusha Tanzania where the court headquarters are located

It will up to 1st November 2019 under a theme ‘ Tackling contemporary Human Rights issues :The Role of the Judiciary in Africa’


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