No Dead Year; Third Term Scheduled for January to April 2021

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance Judith Nabakooba has assured the parents and students that there will no dead year for learners.

This comes just a week after President Museveni allowed all institutions of learning to reopen for only students in candidate classes on 15th October 2020.

For over six months now, all institutions of learning have been closed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

The fate of learners in non-candidate classes, Museveni said, will be considered by Government in January 2021.

Various people including Members of Parliament such as Kalungu West legislator Gonzaga Sewungu, Nakaseke South MP Lutamaguzi Semakula among others have been opposing reopening of schools and calling on Government to declare a dead year for learners.

However, addressing reporters in Kampala on Sunday, the ICT and National Guidance Minister Judith Nabakooba said there will be no dead year although students have been home for over 6 months.

“Regarding the resumption of schools especially the candidate classes, I call upon everyone to support our children to ensure that they are able to resume properly come October 15th. Remember, there will be no dead year, so come October 15th, all students including those at home will embark on their second term until December,” she said.

Nabakooba added that Government will be giving ongoing guidance to schools on what they need to do to keep children safe.


She called on continuing students in other classes to take home schooling seriously, adding that third term will be from January to April 2021.

“Third term will be January to April and then children will be assessed and promoted. Let us therefore take seriously the revised education calendar and work towards ensuring that our children remain safe while learning until the end of the term,” she said.


The nomination for Chairpersons, councillors at different Local Government positions started last week and will end on 1st October.

However, there have been concerns regarding the age limit for Chairpersons at some levels such as Municipal City, Division, sub county levels and towns.

The Electoral Commission has been refusing to nominate candidates above the age of 75 and below the age of 35 saying that the 2017 Constitutional amendment which lifted the presidential age limit cap from 75 years only applied to the position of the presidency, and not other positions.

Nabakooba reiterated saying, “whereas the 2017 Constitutional amendment removed the age limit for the President and district Chairpersons, it did not apply to other offices.”

She however noted that Parliament together with other legislative bodies have started a discussion to see how to harmonize the matter.

“For now, let’s continue operating within the law that puts a minimum age limit of 30 years and a maximum of 75 years for Chairpersons at sub county and municipal levels. The Electoral Commission will also be giving more guidance on this matter,” she said.

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