No Christmas, End of Year Parties for Government Bodies – Treasury

Government has announced there will be no Christmas or End-Of Year parties held this year by any of Ministries, Departments or Agencies.

The Ministry of Finance announced today that expenditure toward such merrymakings is being suspended this year as part of the ongoing austerity measures.

In a letter to all Central and Local Government Accounting officers, Patrick Ocailap the Finance Ministry Under Secretary said no ministry or agency will organize any Christmas and end of year parties.

He also cautioned the MDAs against “engaging in printing of Christmas Cards, Diaries, Calendars, buying of Christmas gifts and humpers and anything else related to such expenditures.”

“As you are aware, the economy is faced with expenditure pressures and as such the Government is undertaking efficiency measures which entail the need to adjust spending during this festive season in all Ministries, Agencies and Local Governments (MALGs),” he said.

“The purpose of this Letter therefore, is to communicate as above and urge you to utilise electronic options to deliver the relevant messages.”

Following the outbreak of Covid19 early this year, Government announced a list of tough austerity measures affecting all government workers, as a way of cutting unnecessary expenditure.

The measures included significant and in some cases 100% cuts on some of the day-to-day expenses in government MDAs such as allowances, transport, and procumbent of office equipment.

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