NMS Named Best Performing Gov’t Entity By PPDA

The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) has named the National Medical Stores (NMS) the best performing central government entity for the year 2017/18.

NMS, whose mandate is to procure and distribute essential medicines and medical supplies to government health facilities, topped the PDDA list with a 91.3 score, which was categorized as “highly satisfactory.”

PPDA audited and rated a total of 31 central government entities on a scale of 100 to 0; under the categories, “Highly Satisfactory,” “Satisfactory,” “Unsatisfactory” and “Highly Unsatisfactory”

According to the PPDA report which was tabled to Parliament, NMS was followed by NSSF in second position, with an 88.5 rating (satisfactory), while Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development came in third position with 83.7.

The worst performing government entity according to the report was Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), which trailed the rest with 54.1%.

The PPDA report attributed NMS’s excellent performance to several factors including strict following of the appropriate procedures in the procurement processes.

The authority says during the audit at NMS it found “Highly satisfactory compliance scores at the various levels.”

“The entity (NMS) had an average cost ratio score of 100%. This implies that there were no material variances between the contract award prices and the final cost on the contract completion,” the report says.


PDDA also found that NMS paid providers within the contractual period in 93% of the sampled transactions.

In contrast, UIA which trailed the list, was found to have conducted up to 11 different contracts worth Shs 1.4billion outside the procurement plan for the financial year under review.



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