Nigerian Star Skales Graces Beenie Gunter’s ‘No Fear’ Album Release

Singer Baguma Crescent alias Beenie Gunter held a listening party of his latest 25 track album ‘No Fear’ on Monday this Week that was attended by famous Nigerian singer Skales.


During the event that took place at the Talent Africa head offices, Gunter gave a detailed story for each of the songs on the album and what inspired him.


“I started singing in Patwah and so many people told me I could not make it. I never gave up, I continued without letting fear get in the way hence naming the album ‘No Fear’,” Gunter said in his remarks.

Singer Beenie Gunter

The ‘Olina work’ singer added, “This day means to me because I have work tirelessly for this album over 3 years and I am excited to it out there.”


Guests were treated to a silent disco kind of listening party as they jammed to the 25 songs like No Fear, Oli Waddala, Yes, Sekkle down, No letting go in which he featured Lydia Jazmin among others.



Each song is a representative of a different life struggle in his life and background i.e. issues of love, betrayal by close ones and music journey.


“I have so much love for my brother Beenie Gunter, I respect his hustle and love his great talent this is why I have come to support him,” stated Skales during the party signing off Gunter’s signature phrase ‘Bali abayaye tubasobola.’


Other celebrities that gave the singer company on his big release were Lydia Jazmin, Apass, Big Trill among others.

Lydia Jasmine is among those who graced the event
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