“Nigerian Comedian Klint Impressed by Uganda”

Nigerian Comedian Klint da drunk has praised Uganda for having loyal and respectful Police.

Klint cracking jokes about his Country Nigeria

Klint who was performing Thursday night  at UMA Show grounds, compared the Uganda Police with that of his own Country;Nigeria who according to him do the opposite of what Uganda’s does.

The comic who stepped on stage at exactly 11:22 Pm, said the Uganda Police show respect to the to the suspects while arresting them which is not the case with the Nigerian officers who mistreat suspects even before  proving them as criminals.

Klint couldn’t leave anything to chance about Uganda as he praised the Country’s food,Girls and movies among others.

“You guys I like everything about Uganda;the food,the Girls;OMG!Ugandan Girls are very beautiful,wonderful and fine,you can’t compare with our own Nigerian Girls,their make up requires a nail and hammer to remove.

I love Ugandan Movies as well, they make me sleep like a baby,but our Nigerian Movies,hooooh!most of the scenes are full of evil,use of juju.they make one have night mares all night long.”

He revealed his excitement towards Alex Muhagi’s comedy store having been able to bring him all the way from Nigeria to perform in Uganda.

“Do you have any airline,a plane or aircraft? he asked the audience.”


After getting the information that Uganda Airlines with two aircrafts and two other more bombardier planes to be received later on this year,the comic applauded the Country’s ability to have aircrafts.

Fans enjoying the performances

“You people have achieved a lot,you even have an airline with aircrafts? you’re lucky,for us in Nigeria,we have witchcraft instead of aircraft.”

He literally meant that Uganda’s corruption level is not as high as Nigeria where government funds are highly misused and stolen,resources exploited at an expense of the common citizens.

Klint said Uganda does not have as many problems as Nigeria does.

He preached to the fans the dangers of over consuming alcohol.

There were also performances from Uganda’s comedians Maurana &Reign,Mc Mariachi,Bobi Brown & Nilo Nilo and Senga Nantume among others.

MC Mariachi performing

The crowds’ favorite being comedy duo Bobi Brown and Nilo Nilo,it was quite clear that the two sent the audience to another World as they laughed to tears throughout the duo’s performance.

Not wanting to be out competed,Godi Godi,another duo made fans wet their pants and left them half dead as they recited jokes around Bank of Uganda saga,sex,relationships,not forgetting how human behaviors differ between the poor and the rich. The show was indeed worthy paying.

Other performers included singers Bebe cool,Ivuga band,Uncle Walter and the self proclaimed ‘King Her self’ Cindy Sanyu

Singer Bebe cool entertaining fans
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