Nigerian Award-Winning Blogger Fisayo Olayinka Narrates Experience in Uganda

Nigerian award-winning travel blogger Fisayo  Olayinka -Bello aka TheFisayo was in Uganda for the Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo 2020 which took place in February this year.

I had a chat with her about her experience in the Pearl of Africa and below is what she had to say.

Who is TheFisayo?

I am a blogger, YouTuber, podcast host, big dreamer teaching travel blogging courses, and an innovator who thrives at the intersection of tourism, technology and advocacy.

My love for promoting Tourism in Africa grows each day.

You’ve recently been to Uganda. Briefly describe your trip

Budongo Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda

My experience in Uganda was blissful and adventurous. I only got a tip of the iceberg during my stay in Uganda. I loved my stay at Chobe Safari Lodge, I loved my visit to Murchison Falls National Park because of how magical the falls felt.

I could honestly spend a whole day watching the falls from different angles. While at Murchison falls, we had to hike on hills which made it a bit more adventurous.


Oh, the Chimpanzees and rhino trekking experience at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary was amazing. It was my first time doing anything related to going on a trek to see animals, and for a first experience, it was a memorable one.

Being that Rhinos are becoming extinct due to the high rate of poaching, it was awesome to see them up close at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary where they are being conserved against poachers.

Lastly, game drives get me excited, especially because it gives me an opportunity to see the king of the jungle or Giraffes.

For this reason, the game drive at Kidepo Valley National Park and Murchison was a blissful experience.

Would you say it was your best trip?

My experience at Murchison falls was definitely a highlight for me, I do not mind recreating new memories at Murchison falls or Chobe safari lodge.

What are some of those moments that made your trip in Uganda Enjoyable?

Well, it was the experience of being greeted in the morning by Giraffes and Uganda cubs at Chobe resort.

It was the amazing soups and food delicacies I ate at my stay in Uganda.

It was the new connections I made with the people I met.

It was the fact that I felt like I was on my honeymoon while in Uganda, especially at Chobe.

Did POATE Deliver on your expectations?

The Pearl of Africa Travel Expo was an amazing experience. It was well planned and executed.

It is amazing how smooth the expo was. I loved how each day had great activities to follow it at night.

Having Uganda’s night experience was nice.

Well-done to the team for giving us such good Ugandan memories.

Do you think your fellow Nigerians would enjoy traveling in Uganda and why?

Murchison falls National Park chobe safari lodge uganda

Nigerians are in love with destination Uganda, especially after writing several articles, and sharing stories of my experience in Uganda through my social media accounts.

Apart from Uganda’s unique destinations, Nigerians would love the similarity we have in terms of cultural diversity.

What are the tips you would give first Nigerian Travelers to Uganda?

My number 1 tip to every Nigerian visiting is to make sure they have the exact $50 needed to pay for a visa on arrival, this would help speed up the visa process and reduce stress on your path – trust me, you want to heed to this advice.

Apart from this, you should come prepared to live your most adventurous life!

Uganda caters to almost all cadres to tourists – adventure tourists, religious tourists, leisure tourists, business tourists and more.

What other Ugandan destination would you like to visit next?

I would definitely love to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park and the equator.

I would also love to have the adrenaline filled Jinja experience, this is something I am really looking forward to.

I have seen a lot of pictures and heard amazing stories from tourists that have had this experience.

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