NGO Helps Batwa Communities Into Sheep Rearing


A local NGO, The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) have launched a campaign that will see Batwa communities in Kisoro district embark on sheep rearing to boost their incomes.

The initiative launched last weekend in the Mpebwa Batwa community in Gahinga village, Nyakabande Sub-county will see 5 communities receive free sheep from the organization.

During the launch, 13 sheep were handed out to some of the beneficiaries in the community.

Julian Namuyaba, the Batwa Alive Project manager in ADRA, says more than 90 Batwa households in Kisoro will benefit from the sheep banks project.

“We have formed Community Based Organizations, trained them on proper sheep rearing and we have also set guidelines to help in this project,” said Namuyaba.

ADRA officials checking out one of the houses of the Batwa locals 

She adds that the District Veterinary Officer will offer assistance to groups on how to handle the livestock well.

Samuel Niyonzima, the Kisoro district commercial officer hailed the organization for being visible and practical in its mission.


“I supervise a lot of works by NGOs in this district and some of them are not working as expected, but ADRA Uganda has surely been helpful to our people. We shall keep supporting you in your endeavours to help our people,” said Niyonzima.

Edson Munyakabare Hezekiah, the Chairperson LC1 Gahinga village said the initiative will see Batwa become more practical in farming.

“Previously, the organization had given goats to Batwa and it was working well but with Sheep we hope for better results since the latter multiplies more in a short time than the former. We cannot thank you enough for being there for our people,” said Munyakabale.

Rose Manirakiza, the Kisoro District Vice chairperson asked beneficiaries to protect the sheep for better results of the project.

“Do not think about slaughtering these sheep. This project will only help you if you stand to defend it with one heart. Also make sure that you benefit from this project collectively,” added Manirakiza.


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