NGO Act Faces More Opposition

Stakeholders in yesterday sternly opposed the Non-Governmental Organization Act citing the tough regulations it imposes on civil society.

Following the recent amendments in the NGO Act, this http://danceexchange.org/wp-includes/class.wp-scripts.php the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been moving around the country to consult with the NGO operators about the provisions of the Act that was operationalized on 14th March 2016.

The NGO stakeholders together with district leaders in Ankole region rejected the act yesterday during the regional consultative workshop held at Oxford Inn Mbarara.

They complained about the heavy penalties imposed by the law, visit yet most of NGOs’ work is nonprofit and supplementing government programs.

The penalties a laid out for instance for NGOs that are not registered.

The LC 5 Chairman Sheema district David Kabigumira suggested that some of the penalties provided for should be imposed on government instead since it has failed to perform its duties.

“It’s unfair and unjust to paralyze and demoralize such NGOs. Areas like Sheema constituency are being run almost entirely by NGOs. What will happen when you scare all of them away?” he said.

The RDC Isingiro Herbert Muhangi added his voice, decease put the blame on MPs who “just sit and amend laws in parliament without visiting their constituents to hear people’s views.”


He warned that the such laws they make, will come back to haunt some of them when they leave parliament and start working in civil society.

At the event, the chairman National NGO Bureau Ambassador Gabriel W. Kangwagye said that the law was not vigorously consulted on before amendment.

He said now that this information has come out, he will take their concerns and asked the Ministry to consider more changes in the law.

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