Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary Set to Celebrate 2nd World Chimpanzee Day

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is set to join the rest of the world to celebrate the World Chimpanzee day.

The celebrations are due on 14th July in Hoima district.

The day was set to honor human’ closest living relatives and also to present an opportunity to raise awareness about the vital needs of the worldwide participant in their care, protection and conservation in the wild captivity.

World Chimpanzee Day was officially announced for the first time last year by the Jane Goodall Institute after years of research and planning.

Dr Jane Goodall a world wide conservationist who spent most of her life studying about Chimpanzees said she hopes this day will create an awareness on the plight of Chimpanzee.

“Because of the threats faced by the chimpanzees, because they are so special, I do hope you will join us on this very first World Chimpanzee Day, to highlight the amazing nature of these beings, and to shed light on the threats that they face. So please do join us. Join us for them”.

In Uganda the major aims of celebrating the day are to share understanding and inspiration by educating global audience about their importance and similarities to humans and raise awareness about threats they face in the wild including habitat loss, diseases and wildlife trafficking, promote their proper care in captive situations.

Some of the actives to be done are, tree planting, visit Bagumirabingi forest, Bugoma Central Forest Reserve which was affected by deforestation.

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