New Year Prayers a Fraud – Bishop Niringiye

Former Anglican Bishop of Kampala, Dr Zac Niringiye has warned of a growing ‘deceitful’ tradition  in the county in which hundreds of thousands of people are lured to flock places of worship to welcome the new year.

Bishop Niringirye describes this trend as a “charade,” and church leaders fueling it as “traders.”

The trend, which started with Born Again Pentecostal Church has now spread to other denominations.

Like a custom now, every December 31st multitudes converge normally in large open grounds like Kololo Namboole, Old Kampala, among others, to participate in the “Passover” or “crossover” prayers and are usually asked to take with them offertories to God in exchange for blessings in the starting year.

The events have also become heavily commercialized with big corporates such as MTN jumping in as sponsors.

But according Bishop Niringiye, these assemblages are nothing more than a rip-off.

“What’s troubling is the hundreds and thousands that flock churches and stadiums in search of _”New Year’s anointing or miracle”_ promised and declared by various religious leaders in their varying capacitie,” he says.

“Perhaps we should be more honest with ourselves and call these pastors who or what they really are: traders in the temple of the Lord.”


With nearly everyone now onboard this train, Bishop Niringiye wonders whether even some genuine church leaders have joined blindly.

“Sadly, the faithful are just as carried away. It should trouble us that getting a job, a car, a plot, a wife or husband, a passport, a visa, a job promotion, are the miracles sought after and promised. These things don’t happen by miracle. It’s hard work. They are fruits of hard work.”

But according to believers and church leaders who organize these Passover prayers, these are unique nights that unite the entire nation in prayer.

The just concluded new year prayers were dominated with prayer for the country to go through the election season of 2020/21 in peace.

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