New Tool to Ensure Accountability in NGOs

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has spoken out on the International Criminal Court’s decision to drop charges of crimes against humanity on him, pharm saying, “ICC were rushed there without proper investigation or preparation, and sustained by a strong interest to stigmatise accused persons.”

Kenyatta said Friday afternoon that “as an institution of the international community, victims of serious crimes and people around the world had a right to expect the Court to dispense justice with integrity and without undue considerations.”

He also stated that, “For the Prosecutor to sustain an obviously deficient case for so long demonstrates beyond doubt the intensity of pressure exerted by improper interests to pollute and undermine the philosophy of international justice.”

The president has maintained a harsh rhetoric against the ICC which African leaders accuse of conducting selective justice that serves interests of powerful countries and lobby groups in the West.

In a frustrated tone, ICC prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda Friday said she persistently sought to secure the cooperation that her office required from the Government of Kenya in this case in order to execute her mandate but Nairobi did not render necessary assistance.

“Crucial documentary evidence regarding the 2007-2008 post-election violence, including concerning the conduct of the accused, can only be found in Kenya  and is only accessible to the Prosecution through the assistance of the Government of Kenya.  This crucial assistance was ultimately not provided, as confirmed by the recent decision of the Trial Chamber,” said the prosecutor.

Kenyatta today said he was “excited by this news, which I have awaited ever since the day my name was announced to the world in connection with the case. I am also deeply relieved by this decision, which is overdue by 6 years.”

Emphasising that “my conscience is absolutely clear” about the ICC cases, the president said, “there is no justice when human rights clubs and an international tribunal conspire to betray victims of human rights abuses and persecute the innocent. The tragedy of this travesty is beyond words.”


Without mincing words, Kenyatta said the victims in this case will get no satisfaction from the ICC, owing to the Prosecutor’s decision to compromise a quest for justice in favour of political considerations.

“This is an incomparable tragedy. Just as the ICC failed me, it has also failed the victims of the 2007-2008 post-election violence. They were killed, maimed, displaced, dispossessed and utterly traumatized. I have been victimized, libeled and senselessly profiled by the same defective process,” he added.

“The Government of Kenya has sustained its efforts to restitute and reintegrate the victims of the PEV as best as it can. Our justice system continues to process the cases which have been instituted. I have supported these efforts because ultimately, the victims must get justice. The world may have failed them, but they will not be let down at home.”

Kenyatta further observed that the Prosecutor opted to selectively pursue cases in a blatantly biased manner that served vested interests and undermined justice and that as a result, the Court has had to pay a steep reputational price, which it will continue to face unless a serious and systemic rethinking of the International Justice framework is undertaken.

The president also vowed to support his Vice President William Ruto and Joshua Sang as they battle cases at the ICC.

“With me, they have been steadfast in declaring their innocence. I am confident that they will be vindicated in due course. I stand with them, and will support them and pray with them until that time. As my deputy and principal assistant, William Ruto is an indispensable asset in my Government. I look forward to the day when we shall not have the distraction of the trials, so that we can continue delivering our transformational agenda to the people of Kenya.”

He also thanked “the people of Africa and all their leaders who, through the Africa Union, demonstrated robust and unflinching support by word and deed, in the true spirit of African brotherhood. Your solidarity has deeply touched and inspired me. I urge you to continue supporting us as we give my Brother William Ruto and his co-accused, Joshua Sang support and solidarity to confront the last outstanding case.”
The head of programs at the Uganda national NGO forum, story Alfred Nuwamanya has appealed to civil society organizations across the country to work towards acquiring the Quality Assurance certification mechanism (QuAM).

He said this during the second support program for advocacy network (SPAN) convention at Esella Country Resort following media reports that NGOs in the country have been at the forefront of holding government accountable and calling on transparency when they themselves do not have clear mechanism for accountability.

“All NGOs in the country interested in doing a joint program with us through the district network will only be absorbed when they have been QuAMed, having the Quality Assurance certification mechanism” Alfred said.

QuAm was developed for and by the CSO in the country as a voluntary but critical mechanism to scrutinize, open doors to accounts monitoring and substance to quality program right from the planning to implementation thus has turned out as a strong instrument for accountability on the side of the CSOs.

He expressed dismay over the malfunction of most NGO in the country based on the 2012 QuAm report that found that out of the three level of QuAm of the over 10,000NGOS in the country only 59 met the minimum standards. Of the 59 NGOS QuAmed only 27 created recently meet the standards and only 48 including the 27 have attained advanced certificates.

He further stressed that as the New Year unfolds, all district networks will be required to at least meet the minimum standards starting with the 34 district network that attended the convention is one way of luring more members to be QuAmed.

“These people have to preach accountability but it starts with them voluntarily accepting to be QuAmed and thereby entrench accountability as a culture and do it voluntarily as a responsibility and not seeing as if they are being put at gun point to produce results.”

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