New Measles Out-Break Claims Three in Kibaale

Ugandans living in Diaspora have warned exiled fugitive General David Sejusa against stepping up war rhetoric, cialis 40mg saying the former Coordinator of intelligence organs should instead come out with concrete alternative policies that could drive the country’s economic growth.

Eric Kashambuzi, viagra buy an opposition politician in US says Uganda can’t afford another war.

“Those who want war either are not Ugandans or have failed to mobilize for popular revolt. AU has put in place arrangements that a government attacked can call on fellow governments to its rescue, pharmacy ” said Kashambuzi.

“UN Security Council favours peaceful settlement of disputes in the first instance. Sejusa knows all this but continue to advocate for war,” he added.

The warning comes just a few days after Sejusa gave Museveni several conditions to avoid a protracted conflict.

It remains unclear whether Sejusa intends to use military means against the government of President Museveni.

However, the former spymaster was quick to issue a statement immediately after the July 5 attacks in Rwenzori region, saying Uganda should prepare for turmoil, adding, UPDF’s might is overrated.

“For instance, in very single month, not less than 152 soldiers desert in each Division. There is of course no urge to report because the questions you will face are too dangerous as the poor senior fellows are falling over each other to have access to that ghost money,” said Sejusa who served in the same force for over two decades.


“Such a force cannot be able to guard every inch of Uganda, every junction, every bridge, every police station, every inch of the road in the country to avoid ambushes etc. Armies move of morale and stomachs; in UPDF both are in deficit.”

Sejusa further posed some questions for security forces: “What side will you be on? Are you going to side with those who are desecrating the memory of those who perished in the struggles to free Uganda? The struggles of your own fathers and mothers, who fought for this liberation? Where are you going to stand in this contest? The side of the people, who sheltered us, housed us, protected us and died in millions for the noble cause of a free tomorrow or those bent on a treacherous unconstitutional road of turning Uganda into a political monarchy?”

Old habits

However, Prof Kashambuzi who temporarily welcomed Sejusa’s defection said old habits die hard.

“Ugandans have made it clear they don’t want war. Ugandans must know who is who. There are people who have set their eyes on State House and they won’t care the cost provided they get there. These are Machiavellian who believe the outcome justifies the means. This is unacceptable to the majority of Ugandans,” he added.

Sources say in UK, Sejusa is facing stiff resistance due to his arrogant behaviour and undermining opposition activists who do not have a military background.

Sejusa’s group, ‘Free Uganda’ recently split from the late Col John Ogole’s group due to mistrust, internal wrangles and power struggles.

The exiled spy chief is reportedly working closely with a one Kafero who spends the better part of his time beating war drums on radio Munansi.

“Kafero and Sejusa who may be working together have not even promised anything. So why should Ugandans trust them. Potential leaders must be judged on programs they offer not populist propaganda,” said Kashambuzi, a harsh critic of President Museveni’s government.

“In Uganda experience shows that military governments can’t run economies. Friends of Uganda at home and abroad are trying to paint a positive picture about Uganda economy but evidence is against them. Museveni thought he was going to use guerrilla methods to run the economy but failed. I even wrote to him and his advisers but they didn’t listen. Uganda needs professionals not doctors of medicine running ministries of finance and foreign affairs,” he added.

“Let us get serious and save Uganda not by those who want to get rich fast or want power to enrich themselves but by dedicated and patriotic Ugandans.”

Sejusa fled Uganda last year after attempting to overthrow the government through a clandestine recruitment of army veterans and infiltrating the Special Forces Command that guards the President and his family.

Monique Wyatt, a Ugandan human rights lawyer says the “people who are behind the use of force in Uganda must first launch that from their mother’s village, before they start in any other parts of Uganda.”

She added: “We do not back the use of force in Uganda. Museveni’s time is up, many Ugandans are prolonging the process by switching from one side to another.  Stay firm, be where you are, do not believe anyone who has been in the Museveni’s government for so long as a defector- they are diverter.”

Monique, who recently wrote to UK authorities to arrest Sejusa for committing atrocities in Northern Uganda during military operations against rebel Joseph Kony and his bandits, further observed that, “People who believed that Tinyefuza had left Museveni’s regime are delusional. I pointed out that if Tinyefuza was genuine, he would have put Vincent Magombe as the man to head the FUF party, instead, the arrogant man that he is, he chose himself. Do not recycle those who have been stealing people’s money and property with impunity, look at the character and personality of the man or woman first.”

Giles Muhame

Three children have died and ten others are hospitalized after a sudden measles outbreak was confirmed in Mukijuru Village, this site Mpefu Sub County, Buyaga West in Kibaale District.

Steven Nfashingabo, the Kibaale Secretary for Health and Education disclosed that the outbreak had been confirmed with three reported deaths of children aged between 2 to 5 years over the weekend and that the ten hospitalized patients were admitted at Mpefu health center three.

Nfashingabo says the deceased presented clinical signs including skin rash, redness of eyes, and high fever.

Suleiman Sanyu, the Kibaale District surveillance officer also noted that a team of health experts had been dispatched to the area to carry out more surveillance however was reluctant to disclose the identity of the deceased and those admitted at the health facility.

He added that the latest outbreak comes barely a month after a roll out of an immunization campaign in the area.

Samples of body tissues of the deceased and patients have been taken to the national laboratory for further analytical tests according to Suleiman.

George William Nyamyaka the Kibaale district local council V says parents should always embrace immunization programs in order to guard against such diseases which are retarding the district’s development.

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