New Law to Eliminate Substandard Gyms

David Innocent Nyote, and one of the eight UPC presidential candidates has accused fellow contenders Jimmy Akena, Benson Ogwal and former Director General External Security Organization [ESO] David Pulkol of causing confusion in the party.

Nyote accused the trio of sowing seeds of hatred, adding that if it wasn’t for efforts of Vice President Joseph Bossa and Party Chairman Prof Kakonge, the party could have disintegrated beyond reparation.

He made the remarks on Monday at Highland Hotel in Kabale municipality while speaking to the party faithful from Kigezi region where he said the party needed leaders of his sort: young and with a clear conscience.

The said UPC bosses; all in the presidential contest recently dragged the party to courts of law, blocking its activities including holding its national delegate’s conference.

Nyote singled out David Pulkol who previously worked in the NRM government as its spy chief at the ESO, saying that his loyalty to the UPC could be guaranteed.

“You cannot say he isn’t a mole, because all he’s been doing lately is to frustrate the party. The man worked for President Museveni for 20 years, and now he comes to play superior in the UPC…,” he added.

Nyote assured the UPC faithful in the Kigezi region that he intended to build a united party that is that accommodative of everybody’s views.

He further noted that his goal would not to become Uganda’s president, but building and strengthening the party first.


“We have to first build the party before we embark on taking the leadership of this country; we are not yet ready,” Said Nyote.

Government through the Ministry of Sports is set to introduce a new Act that will require all schools and Uganda members of the public to take physical fitness classes instructed by professionals.

This was revealed by the State Minister for Sports, buy Charles Bakkabulindi at the Media Centre in Kampala during a media briefing on National Physical Fitness Gala scheduled June 14, here at Namboole Stadium organized by Professional Health Instructors Association of Uganda (PHIAU).

“The Physical Activity and Sports Bill will replace the National Council of Sports Act and it among others provides that physical exercises are conducted by qualified personnel.

The Act is also aimed at minimizing the number of mushrooming low standard gyms, operated by untrained personnel.

The minister noted that the bill comes to boost and back up Physical Education in schools and reduce on the rate of non-communicable diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyles.

Bakkabulindi called upon all Ugandans to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and good nutrition.

“Those who drive to office and back home, and order fast foods everyday are most susceptible to heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, cancer, obesity and many other complications,” he said.



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