New Formation Recruits In Western Uganda Make U-Turn, Pledge Loyalty To FDC

Several Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leaders in western Uganda on Monday renounced Former party President Mugisha Muntu’s New Formation and pledged allegiance to the opposition party.

On October 6, 2018, some FDC leaders in the western region issued a press release bearing 61 names of several district party leaders indicating that they were joining the New Formation that will be registered to become a political party.

However, some of these leaders, during a meeting chaired by FDC Secretary for Mobilization Francis Mwijukye at Grand Holiday Hotel in Mbarara on Monday, said they had been hoodwinked into joining the New Formation.

One of these is Robert Arinaitwe, the FDC Chairman for Bubare sub-county in Mbarara district, who told the meeting that he was hoodwinked to address the press conference.

“They called me in the press conference and I was there but I cannot join the new formation. I am still in FDC because I started it when it was reform agenda. Why would I leave a party that is about to capture power and join pioneers who are not sure of where they are going?” Mr Arinaitwe said.

Another is Ms Betty Nuwamanya, the FDC Secretary for Mobilisation Kashari constituency, who said the New Formation included her on the list simply because she had voted for Gen Muntu during FDC presidential elections but she had never thought of leaving FDC.

“I have been FDC delegate for three terms but there is no way I can join the new formation to start a new thing yet we have already established our strong party. I think they indicated my name on their list because I voted for Muntu in the presidential election but otherwise I am not crossing to new formation,’’ Ms Nuwamanya said.

Mr Mwijukye, who is also the Buhweju County MP, accused Gen Muntu of parading fake members from FDC that are not anywhere in the structures of the party.


“For example, you realize that in Kiruhura, out of 16 people that were published in this list, only 3 are known in Kiruhura and crossed to the New Formation and 13 are ghosts. They are not people of Kiruhura, if you look at Buhweju of the 4 only one person is known in Buhweju leadership of FDC, 3 are ghosts that is also in Bushenyi, Mitooma, Isingiro, Mbarara, Ntungamo, Rubirizi, Ibanda, and Sheema.”

“In all the districts most of the people on the list are fake they do not exist. I think they just wanted to make a political statement but unfortunately they made it using ghosts,” he said.

FDC Chairman for Mbarara District Stanley Katembeya said as a party, they are reorganizing themselves to make it stronger than ever and the new members they recently recruited into the FDC from NRM will be a big boost in strengthening the party.

“We are now looking at strengthening our party and we shall conduct different mobilization campaigns in the region but the new members from Ankole sub region who have joined us is a strong statement to the strength of our party,’’  Mr Katembeya said.





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