New Delivery Service Hits Kampala

Panya Uganda is the latest innovation that has been launched by young entrepreneurs to make the lives of Ugandans much easier by making faster and affordable item deliveries.

Through the platform, drugs Ugandans are able to make orders of any goods around the city and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Speaking to media at the launch of the initiative, stomach the co-founder of Panya Tobias Schiedermair said they are making deliveries of items ranging from groceries, food and even movies.

The service according to Schiedermair is built on Facebook technology and can be accessed though Facebook messages and Messenger, where one only has to search for Panya Uganda.

“Panya means short cut and that’s exactly want we want to do for our people to make life easy for them,” Schiedermair said.

He says their service is fast, secure and affordable and doesn’t require such things as App downloading.


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